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Join over 67,000+ companies using EasyWork Attendance to manage their time attendance.

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EasyWork is committed to provide solutions and updates to companies during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Complete Company & HR System Mobile App

With EasyWork, you have

  • Connectivity to your company anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant online and offline access to your company. 
  • Real-time access to your company’s performance and information. 
  • Increased efficiency with all the smart tools at your disposal.  

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What Our Customers Has to Say

How EasyWork improves your work?

Mobile Management

EasyWork allows admins to submit, approve, review and track activities on smartphones instantly.

Digital Integration

Most submissions are done digitally, it can be tracked, and will notify the relevant parties through a push notification on their phone.

Cloud Data and Security

Data is secured online and only shown to relevant parties. Signatures and approvals are also more secure through mobile, no counterfeiting.

Processes Now Simplified


Attendance Feature

Smart Attendance Feature to manage your employee’s Time Management with simple UI that enables a seamless process.


Leave Feature

Apply and manage all types of leaves directly from your mobile devices. Leave Management has never been this simple and straightforward.


Rewards Feature

Lift your employees’ spirit and morale by rewarding them with points to recognize their effort and contribution towards the company.


Approval Feature

EasyWork’s Approval features provides companies with an unique opportunity to go paperless, while also increasing management’s productivity.


Resource Booking Feature

View and manage your company’s resources using EasyWork’s Resource Booking. Schedule your bookings anytime to use any of the company’s resources directly from your mobile devices. 


Claim Feature

Manage your company’s financial claims seamlessly with this feature. Just simply snap and submit!

Over 20+ Smart Features Available To Support Your HR Needs

EasyWork offers companies the tools needed for HR to manage the company smartly. From time management to employee benefit systems, you will definitely find tools that will improve your HR management.

Get Started for Free

Implementing a new software can be daunting. But worry not, at EasyWork we’ve ensure that our onboarding process is easy with simple UI designs.

1. Download EasyWork

Search for “EasyWork” from your app store or play store

2. Company Creation & Employee Invites

Once your user account is registered, just follow the provided steps to create your company and invite your employee. It’s that simple.

3. Manage Your Company from App or Hub

EasyWork is a flexible HR software which provides admins the option to manage the company on two different platforms.

EasyWork Easy Plans

Flexible plans to get your started that comes with no surprises. Upgrade your plan easily whenever you need more pro features.

Basic Plan

USD 0.99

per user/month

*Free for the first 10 users
*14 days days trial when over 11 users
*10+ features available

Pro Plan

USD 1.49

per user/month

*7 days free trial
*20+ features available including Pro features

Enterprise Plan

USD 3.99

per user/month

*Get All Features
*Custom enterprise support
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