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HR Made Easy with EasyWork

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Powerful Features by EasyWork

EasyWork has a wide range of features that companies can use to improve their daily management tasks.

Say goodbye to attendance headaches with EasyWork’s feature-packed attendance management tool!

  • With reporting tools and the ability to clock in and out directly from smartphones, admins can track the company’s attendance performance.
  • Clock in and out directly from mobile app or desktop, with time, date, and location displayed prominently.
  • With Selfie Attendance, it ensures employee is physically present at the workplace and eliminate the issue of buddy punching, which can skew attendance data and lead to inaccurate reports.
  • Admins can monitor employees with ease thanks to data visibility and the ability to clock in/out on behalf of employees in industries where phone access is limited.

Take the hassle out of leave management with EasyWork’s comprehensive leave toolset.

  • Apply and manage leave requests online with a dedicated form and instant notification for managers, reducing the workload for all involved.
  • LeavePro empowers employees to view their balances with ease, while also allowing for flexibility in selecting full or half-day leave options.
  • With EasyWork LeavePro’s configurable settings, admins can set leave balance and quotas based on company criteria, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Streamline approval workflows with EasyWork’s intuitive and customizable forms, tailored to your needs and linked to your HR system.

  • View all pending, approved, rejected, or cancelled approvals related to you at a glance.
  • Create custom forms to suit your business needs, with authentication and linkage to your HR system. Customize fields and options for your forms, similar to Google Forms but linked to your HR system.

Automate payroll with EasyWork’s LHDN-approved feature and say goodbye to manual timesheet calculations!

Introducing EasyReward, a powerful feature that boosts motivation and job satisfaction by allowing you to reward your employees for their effort.

With EasyWork’s Resource Booking feature, you can easily manage your company’s shared resources and ensure that they are being used efficiently.

  • Get a quick overview of all company resources and their availability with the Resource Booking calendar.
  • Book shared resources online, such as meeting rooms, co-working spaces, projectors, company cars, and more.
  • Avoid double bookings and scheduling conflicts with the calendar’s real-time availability updates.

Learn EasyWork Features for Team, Smart Office and HR.

Why Choose EasyWork to modernise HR management?

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Mobile Management

EasyWork allows admins to submit, approve, review and track activities on smartphones instantly.
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Digital Integration

Replaces costly and time consuming practices like paperwork, employee onboarding and management, corporate communication and so on.
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Cloud Data and Security

Data is secured online and only shown to relevant parties. Signatures and approvals are also more secure through mobile, no counterfeiting.

Mobile Time Attendance System

Manage and track employees time attendance with EasyWork’s Attendance feature. Employees can take their attendance directly by using their smartphones, while admins will have powerful reports that can measure the company’s attendance performance.
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reward point easywork

Employee Recognition Program

EasyWork Rewards is an employee recognition software that companies can easily implement. Unlock your employees potential by recognizing the talents and values that they bring into your company.
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Most of our technical staffs will need to travel to different locations everyday and Easywork is the best app I found that has the function to locate the working location of my staffs when they click Clock In and Out. Very convenient in just a single click and other functions such as notification, leave application gad made our staffs life easier as they are not based in our HQ most of the time.

Hema Rani, Smart Fire Group Sdn Bhd

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Arif Arian
Read More
Its superb. Really very good as it save time & money for HR Department of a company. Some additional features are needed for a proper HR Management. Such as - Employers informations, Direct instruction to specific employee, Track employees location, All features should connected to email so that alerts & notification will generate on emails.
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Rick Toh
Read More
Leave system, reward system, attendance, claim system, calendar, feedback, pooling, office resources booking, organisation chart and more
Nice UI/UX make it easy to use and user friendly

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