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Adapting to The New Norm Covid-19

A Guide on How To Have A Effective Remote Working Environment

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for many companies with the ongoing pandemic and economy recession. More and more companies are now looking into the remote working culture for their company to continue to operate while maintaining the safety of their employees. EasyWork has prepared a series of guides which include the tools that are currently being offered and how it can be used to create the best remote working environment. 

New Normal Topics

Effective Teams

Companies are still able to continue operating normally by having effective teams in place. Effective teams play a huge role in a company’s success. A well oiled and maintained team will definitely bring many benefits to the company. 

Attendance & Shift Application



Taking employees attendance. Nothing can be simpler by just one tapping the clock in or out button to mark your attendance. EasyWork’s Attendance Feature will capture the employee’s timestamp and location while they work remotely. There is also general, and temperature remarks function if required.


Shift Management

Schedule your employees working time and day within EasyWork. Our Shift feature gives admins the flexibility of planning and executing employees working time from our hub. Once published, all relevant employees will be notified with their shift timings.

Informative Reporting Within The App

EasyWork Attendance Feature comes with both the in-app report and also offline report. Admins have the option to choose whichever report they feel comfortable with to monitor the company’s attendance performance. 

Bonus Feature - Rewards

Reward your employees for their effort and contribution to your company. This peer to peer reward system allows colleagues to reward each other with points which then can be used to redeem items from the company reward list.

Benefits to HR and Employees​


Cost and Time Effective

Replaces costly and time consuming practices like paperwork and it's procedures. Improving overall management task processes and performance with just one app.


Comprehensive Management

Ability to oversee majority of company functions like leaves, attendance, hiring, announcement directly from the app.


Digitse Claims and Leaves

Submit, seek approval and track your claims and leaves conveniently from the app.

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