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Improve HR Capabilities at Every Level

Benefits to Admins / HR


Cost and Time Effective

Replaces costly and time consuming practices like paperwork, employee onboarding and management, corporate communication and so on.


Comprehensive Management

Ability to oversee majority of company functions like leaves, attendance, hiring, announcement directly from the app.


Improve Human Resource Management

Automate manual HR processes and use analytics to identify key areas for improvement.


Enhanced Team Management

Boost employee engagement and collaboration, accelerate decision making, reward employees and upgrade corporate communication through our features.

Benefits to Employees


Clock-In to Work Anywhere

Whether you are working remotely or on a business trip; clock-in to work anywhere with an internet connection and keep a personal record of your attendance.


View Desired Information Anytime

Seamlessly lookup desired information on the go whenever from your mobile device.


Get Approvals for Tasks Quickly

Send in applications for approvals directly to managers and get status updates through push notifications.


Input Claims and Leaves Digitally

Submit, seek approval and track your claims and leaves conveniently from the app.

Discover HR Improvements through our Features

Explore, adopt and integrate mobile HR capabilities within your company

What our customers have to say

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