Types of Time and Attendance System

Nowadays tracking when employees start and end their work days is easy, thanks to various digital time and attendance systems that are available on the market. These attendance systems give businesses everything they need to manage all aspects of their…



[请假攻略]2020年这样请假就对了! 2019 已进入尾声了,2020 即将来临,你们最期待什么呢? 亲爱的, 让我们来看看2020年应该怎么请假?看准几时连假再安排你的行程,而且不耽误你的工作。 …


Welcome to MDEC E-Commerce Day 2019 Event Blog

Ever heard of MDEC?  MDEC is a collaborative event between MITI and KKMM. With the theme ‘From Local to Global Champion’, the event aims to encourage and inspire business owners to adopt eCommerce and go beyond the border. eCommerce is…