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8 Benefits of Having a Leave Management System

leave management system

All permanent working employees are entitled to paid annual leave. Taking a time off is necessary to rest, refresh and re-energize to improve efficiency and productivity.

For companies, handling the leave management process can be a tedious task. It is mostly done manually and this makes processing employee leave — checking if they are in tandem with the company’s absenteeism policy, individual leave history and more — challenging and cumbersome.

Having a free online leave management system in place comes in handy. Here are various reasons why every company should have a leave management system.

1. Accuracy

When employees’ request for an administrative leave is done manually, it leaves room for error. A leave management system ensures that the process is properly examined without any mistakes.

The leave history, past and present, are looked up to ensure no discrepancy is encountered. Moreover, a leave management system, which is a mobile application or computer software, is not prone to human mistakes such as carelessness and absentmindedness.

2. Transparency is Enhanced

One of the standards that companies want to maintain in their daily activities is transparency. Every member of staff wants to have an idea of what their holiday history is about. Manually managing the leave process does not avail them of this. But a leave management system can.

With this tool, the absenteeism policy of a company is optimally managed to ensure there are no infractions. In addition, approval and rejection of leave application are handled properly.

3. Clarifies Company’s Policy

Not every employee is well versed with the company’s leave policy. This could lead to inappropriate leave requests. Doing this implies they have gone against the organization’s rule.

A leave management system ensures that adherence to the leave policy is maintained. This is achieved by providing the employees with the company’s leave policy to check every time they apply for a leave.

4. Boosts Productivity

There are times when employers fail to have a grasp of the number of employees in a particular department on a particular day. As a result, they tend to grant more leave applications than necessary. This causes a dip in productivity

An online leave application is useful in nipping this sort of problem in the bud. This tool avails employers of the number of staff available in each department on any day and aids them to steer clear from making uninformed decisions that will cause understaffing.

5. Ease of Use

Leave management systems greatly simplify the handling of leave applications. This is unlike going through spreadsheets to have a clear view of who merits and does not merit to be on a leave.

All you require is an internet connection and a mobile device or desktop, and you will have the information you need at your fingertips anytime anywhere. What’s more interesting is that it is easy to use for effective team planning.

6. Consistency

One of the daunting consequences of handling employee leave manually is that when there is a change in the leave policy,  you will have to update them to all the employees’ records simultaneously. It takes so much time and energy.

An online leave management system allows for simultaneous updating of a change in a company’s leave policy to all the employees’ leave records with ease.

With the automation feature of the leave management system (get a free trial of a leave management system for free here), you don’t have to update each employee’s records manually.

7. Team Planning

One of the huge benefits of using a leave management system is that it contributes greatly to effective team planning.

Team planning entails devising plans to boost productivity and executing them with a certain number of available employees. An online leave management system allows you to respond swiftly to employee leave requests and manage your team with confidence.

8. Control

With a leave management system, employers stand to gain absolute control of their business. With the up-to-date information that online leave management systems avail to company leaders, they gain a higher ground to have control of their business.

Moreover, it allows the management team to promote consistency and ensure compliance with the company’s leave policies, which is pivotal to boosting team spirit and productivity.


The leave management system is a key tool for managing a business. Every business, whether small or big, can tap into a variety of benefits offered by the leave management system, especially in today’s digital age.

Integrate a leave management system (there are free leave management systems available on the market such as EasyWork)  into your business and use it in a smart way to manage employee leave, increase productivity and boost business growth.

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