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Benefits of Using A Digital Time Clock-In App to Track Attendance

benefits of using a digital time clock-in app to track attendance

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when many employees are working from home, tracking and recording attendance manually has proven to be a time-consuming, unreliable and inaccurate task for many organizations. To save time and effort and eliminate inaccuracy, digital time-clock attendance apps and software have been introduced to replace the conventional methods of tracking attendance.

Employee attendance tracking apps can eliminate the frustration of the manual process. They can also take over day-to-day employee management tasks, such as planning work hours and scheduling employees, and they automate the entire process. Unsurprisingly, many organizations are already enjoying the benefits of using a digital time-clock app or software to track attendance.

Isn’t it surprising that in this digital era, when computers and smartphones are the order of the day, many companies continue to rely on manual employee attendance methods for recording check-in and check-out timings? Perhaps they have not realized how beneficial an attendance app could be for their business.

Remote Working Time Management Hacks

Keep reading to find out about the advantages of switching to digital time and attendance processes.

1. Increased Productivity

Processing payroll can be complicated using a manual process. You need time to go through each attendance record from day one for every employee. This work can take several hours or even days, and you won’t be 100% certain of the accuracy of the data collation. Using a digital time attendance app can automate time collection, save time, increase data accuracy and increase productivity.

2. Enhanced Security

A digital attendance system is far more accurate and secure than a manual attendance system. It keeps data protected and increases the reliability of the system. Moreover, many companies rely on attendance for bonuses and require an employee to work for a certain number of hours to be eligible for promotions and bonuses. Hence, improved security leads to an enhanced accuracy of records and fair compensation for employees.

3. Hassle-Free Schedule and Shift Management

It is easy to develop and manage tasks and shift schedules, and to keep track of employees when using the time-clock and attendance app. You can also use this app to distribute and monitor workloads to various departments.

4. Data for Business Decisions

Real-time data from time-clock and attendance apps helps the company collate metrics that can be used to evaluate and update the company’s current systems in different departments. For example, the overtime alert feature of EasyWork enables the company to track and approve overtime for employees.

5. Increased Accountability and Accuracy

In manual reporting, employees have to report the number of hours they work daily, which increases the chances of inaccurate time tracking.  By using the feature of digital clock-in, the number of working hours of employees is automatically recorded with a single click. The employees just have to press the option of ‘Clock In’ at the time of starting their work and ‘Clock Out’ at the end of their shift. The system will automatically calculate their working hours and store them in the system. Hence, it increases the accuracy of the attendance system.

6. Increased Employee Empowerment and Satisfaction

The Employee Attendance App empowers customers by allowing them to access their information directly instead of going to the HR department. Moreover, it increases the accuracy of the attendance system due to the minimum chance of human error. Hence, the employees feel more comfortable and secure due to the fact that none of their working hours will go to waste. However, it is vital to note that it is the responsibility of employees to clock-in and clock-out at the appropriate times for their shift. If they fail to do so, then some serious attendance issues can occur.

Once the employees are adequately trained in using an employee attendance app, they should use it carefully to reap all the benefits of using it. There are many modern HR systems available in Malaysia that offer numerous other benefits, along with easy and secure attendance. Easy access to work schedules, quick tracking of the leave requests, benefits reviews and notifications about any important meetings are some of the many benefits of using a state-of-the-art employee management app like EasyWork. All of these features will increase the productivity of employees and hence, benefit the company as well.

7. Easy Management of Flexible Working Arrangements

COVID-19 has made many businesses realize that their employees can work from home. Many organizations have been forced to switch to remote working to curb the spread of the deadly virus. A time and attendance app can be employed as an easy and convenient way to track employees’ time-in and time-out. The implementation of this tool allows flexible working arrangements for all employees, whether they are in the office, at home, or in a remote location.

The Bottom Line

During this challenging time, it’s a good idea for organizations to use a digital employee attendance app for the better management of employees. Even if employees are working from home or a remote location, digital employee management applications like EasyWork have a lot of different options that you can use to smoothly manage your employees. Employees will also enjoy the benefits of a digital clock-in because they can easily do it with a single click instead of worrying about signing different forms and them submitting the total number of working hours at the end of the week or month. Moreover, EasyWork is one of the best HR systems available in Malaysia because it not only covers the attendance system but also offers several other features as well. To find out more about what EasyWork can do for you, feel free to explore our features.


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