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Contactless Attendance Systems: The New Normal

Contactless Attendance Systems - The New Normal

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new norm.

Although working from home can ensure the safety of the employees, it creates an issue for employers: how can employers accurately record employee attendance when they are working from home?

How can employers monitor the hours worked by each employee and figure out ways to ensure security and maximise efficiency and productivity at the same time?

Some employers might think that a fingerprint recognition attendance system would do a good job in replacing the traditional attendance-recording methods, such as punch cards.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, fingerprint attendance systems enhance the spread of communicable diseases.

For example, with an in-office fingerprint attendance system, employees are required to tap the screen when they arrive and clock in for the day.

This practice could come with unsavoury consequences.

That is when contactless attendance systems such as EasyWork, a powerful HR app (aka, employee attendance app), come to the rescue.

How Contactless Attendance Systems Work

Contactless attendance systems such as EasyWork allow employers to manage and track employees work attendance with their attendance features.

Employees can mark their attendance from their smartphones anytime, anywhere. Employers get powerful, well-organised reports that measure employees’ attendance.

All attendance records and reports are securely saved on the cloud for future reference.

Benefits of Contactless Attendance Systems

1. Reduce Exposure

Fingerprint attendance systems require employees to scan their fingerprints on a common surface.

This practice can easily spread an infection because the fingerprint oil or spit from coughing could stick to the attendance system surface and be picked up by co-workers.

With contactless attendance systems, workers don’t need to touch a common surface to record their attendance. This feature minimises the spread of infection.

attendance record

2. Allow Employees to Scan and Authenticate Their Identity Quickly and Accurately

Technologies that require fingerprints may take time to verify employees’ identities, slowing down the clock-in process.

With traditional punching cards, employees could punch co-workers’ cards on their behalf.

However, contactless attendance systems such as EasyWork allow employees to easily authenticate their identities and clock in and out using their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Most importantly, it is impossible for employees to clock in for a co-worker.

3. Identify Users Wearing Face Masks

Facial recognition attendance systems require employees to take down their masks to record their attendance. This could become an issue if employees are required to wear face masks at work.

Conversely, contactless attendance systems such as EasyWork are built to identify people without removing their face masks. Users can verify their identities without having to expose themselves to a higher risk of COVID-19 infection.

record body temperature

4. Record Body Temperature Information

Some businesses require employees to complete a health check before gaining access to the building.

Contactless attendance systems such as EasyWork are capable of recording employees’ body temperature during check-in.

This feature enhances the safety of all employees by ensuring high-risk employees are not granted access to the workplace.

5. Encourage Social Distancing

Many workplaces don’t have enough clock-in space to enable employees to stay six feet away from one another.

A clock-in process that requires employees to punch cards, for instance, could lead to a queue build-up and spread COVID-19.

Contactless attendance systems, on the other hand, encourage social distancing, prevent queuing, and avoid the spread of infection because employees can clock in and out using their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

In Closing

Contactless employee attendance apps are the future.

Not only do they improve employee attendance and productivity, but they also ensure the safety of the workplace by lowering the risk of spreading COVID-19 s.

Moreover, HR apps and contactless employee attendance apps such as EasyWork come with powerful features such as attendance timelines and in-app attendance reports, offering employers a summary of employee attendance, a useful metric for overall employee performance appraisal

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