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EasyWork – Add Event & RSVP

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EasyWork’s Calendar feature allows users to add Events and enable the RSVP function.

To add an Event, simply tap on the “Plus” icon on the bottom right of your screen. An example can be seen below.

Now you are looking at the “Add Event” screen. Follow the steps to complete the “Add Event” form.

Step 1: Fill in your details in the “Event Name” and “Description” section.
Step 2: RSVP allows participants to provide a response — Yes to enable and No to disable.
Step 3: Fill in the “Location” section.
Step 4: Choose your “Start” and “End” date and time.
Step 5: Choose your type of event: Holiday or Event.
Step 6: Tap on “Done” on the top right of the screen.


Once this is complete, you will achieve the following:

  • If you added a Holiday, it will be displayed in turquoise.
  • If you added an Event, it will be displayed in orange.
  • Both will be viewable at the Calendar home screen.


Want to learn more about EasyWork, visit EasyWork How-To Guide to know more.


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