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EasyWork – Clock In & Out Attendance

EasyWork how to guide

Welcome To EasyWork Guide

We are excited that you are keen on learning more about our Attendance feature. EasyWork’s Attendance system aims to simplify our traditional day-to-day clock-in and out methods that use biometric or even card logs. Now, all we need is our mobile phones!

Benefits of Using A Digital Time Clock-In App to Track Attendance

By using EasyWork, you do not have to use punch cards every day now. You can clock in and out via Live GPS Tracking/ QR Code through EasyWork.

Step 1: Let’s get started by launching EasyWork’s Home Screen.

Step 2: Either Clock In & Out from Home Screen or tap on “Attendance”

You can just clock in and clock out for work with just a tab on your mobile as your attendance. Other than that, you can also include remarks on the reason why you clock in beyond office vicinity or clock in late.

Step 3: This is what Clock In & Out Screen will look like.

Besides, you can choose either to use GPS or QR code to clock in. This would be very useful for those employees who are constantly working out-of-office such as salesperson as they have to meet clients out of the office frequently and also who are based in the office.

QR Code Clock In

GPS Clock In 

easywork attendance map

Employers can zoom in and view the exact location for the clock in and out of their employees through the map.


If you are non-admin, you will see your own attendance report.

However, if you have admin access, you will able to view more by toggling between icons on the top right corner.

Nevertheless, through attendance record admin or employers can view the attendance of their employees through the map or select individual attendance profile. The report can be view by chart and map.

Filter the date of reports

Easywork attendance - date filter

Moreover, you can also choose which date or period of time in order to check for their attendance. The data can be exported by filtering the date you desired.

Now, you can clock in and clock out with Live GPS like Pokemon Go!


Grab your EasyWork subscription now with our new RM plans starting from just RM299!

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