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EasyWork Guides on how to Invite Colleagues

EasyWork office HR made easy

Greetings from EasyWork team. Recently EasyWork has undergone a lot of exciting upgrades, which include several new features, such as Office Announcement, Office Calendar and MORE!

Yup, you now enjoy all upgraded features at Zero Cost!

I wish to help you to invite your colleagues/ employees to join your company on EasyWork by providing you a simple guideline.

Please feel free to invite your friends too. More colleagues more fun & progressive. Let’s start to invite!

Step 1: Choose the company from the menu list

easywork features

easywork company setting

Step 2: Press the share out button and invites your colleagues/employees

easywork invitation

Step 3: Choose which platform to share out with

easywork sharing

Step 4: Invited to join company

EasyWork WhatsApp invitation message

For any further information on the guideline, you may search FAQ on EasyWork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

*Extra Tip: You can create a company in the app for testing. Invite more colleagues more fun & progressive. Let’s do it!

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