EasyWork – Manage Rewards Product Guide

Welcome to EasyWork Guide

EasyWork is an amazing Human Resource Management & Administrative Management System that allows SME company or organization to manage their integral work.

Here you have a step by step guide on how to “Manage Rewards Product Guide”.


Step 1 – Launch EasyWork and tap on “Reward”

Easywork Menu - Rewards


Step 2 – With Access you can find the “Manage” icon on the top right



Step 3 – Tap on the “Manage Rewards”



Step 4 – You are now looking at the “Rewards Product” interface, to add tap on the “Plus” sign on the top right



Step 5 – Fill in the details and you are ready.



Congratulations, you have completed the step by step guide on how to add employees/team members into your EasyWork company profile.

To find out more about EasyWork, kindly visit EasyWork Website.

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