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EasyWork – Reward Points Guide (Set, Give, Spend)

EasyWork how to guide

Welcome to EasyWork Guide

EasyWork is a Human Resource Management & Administrative Management System that allows SME companies or organizations to manage their integral work.

Here you have a step by step guide on “Reward Points Guide” – Set Points, Give Points and Spend Points.

Simple steps on how to set up the rewards systems: 
Step 1 – Set the monthly allocation and the amount of points to be given monthly.
Step 2 – Set allocate the points.
Step 3 – Manage the rewards, what items/ products to be set.


Step 1 – Launch EasyWork and tap on “Rewards”

Easywork Menu - Rewards


Step 2 – Here you can see a summary of “Points to spend”, “Points to give” and “Redeemable items”

EasyWork reward tutorial


Step 3 – With Access you can find the “Manage” icon on the top right

EasyWork reward tutorial


Step 4 – Once in the Manage interface, you will have the tools to manage rewards points

easywork rewards


Monthly Allocation

easywork Rewards -monthly allocation
You can set the amount of points to be allocated to the users/ employees monthly. The auto allocation can be set also. For example, our company is giving out 50 points for each employee monthly. Employees can accumulate points to redeem the reward items.


Allocate Points

easywork allocate point


Give specific individual points in order to give it to others.
Choose who is/ are the receiver(s), set the point to allocate and write a comment on it. Then, employees can give their points that allocate by the company to each other whenever they feel helpful from someone. However, once the points were finished, they cannot give points anymore. Therefore, they will not abuse the points allocated.



Rewards Approval

easywork rewards approval


It shows the status of the rewards approval whether it is pending, approved, completed or rejected.


Manage Rewards

easywork manage rewards


Add Product

easywork rewards- add product


Add the details of products to be rewarded which include the name of products, description, available quantity, points, category and terms & conditions. Also, the images of product can be added. The reward items can be decided by the human resource department. However, the point valuation can be decided by the company itself. For instance, it can be 1 point = 1 usd or 100 points = 1 usd.


Monthly Allocation Boost

easywork allowance boosteasywork reward- allowance boost

Set certain groups additional boost points to give.
Create or add any group for point allocation. You can then insert the name of the group and the amount of points to be allocated.


Congratulations, you have completed the step by step guide on how to manage the rewards system management in your EasyWork company profile.

Any further information on other guidelines, you may search FAQ in EasyWork website


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