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EasyWork – Setting Company and Individual Working Hours

EasyWork how to guide

Welcome To EasyWork Guide

EasyWork now gives users the flexibility to set their personal working time and company working time.


Screen 1: User’s Personal Working Time

Here you have the option to “Enable” your working days or “Disable” the days you are not working. Working Hours can be adjusted as shown in the below example.

  • Enable the days you are working or disable the days you are not.
  • If you’re working different hours from the company regular hours, you can adjust it at the bottom.
  • Changes can be done anytime and will remain permanent unless changed.


Screen 2: Company Working Time for Admins

Admin has the option to adjust Company Working time besides their Personal Working Time. This function is similar to Personal Working Time.

  • Enable or Disable working days of the company.
  • Adjust or Fix company working hours.

Once you have configurated your working hours, it will be reflected when you use Attendance Clock In & Out Feature.

  • Receive a daily reminder to Clock In.
  • Receive a daily reminder to Clock Out.
  • Will not get any reminder on the days which has been disabled.


Want to learn more about EasyWork, visit EasyWork How-To Guide to know more.

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