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Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit (EIMS) 2019

EasyWork has participated in Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit (EIMS) this August 2019. Time passed so fast, it has already been one year and it is EIMS again. Glad to see you guys again!

EIMS is a meeting place for all the key players in digital business, marketing and innovation. All the digital marketing experts were gathered to share their insight, secret and keep you up to date on cutting-edge marketing trends, tools, platforms and technologies.

Easywork EIMS

The event was crowded by more than 1000 attendees. Besides, there are more than 35 speakers were invited to this event. It is a 1-day of fruitful learning and it brings digital marketing skills for all the attendees to the next level!

Easywork EIMS

This time Easywork wants “Work Made Easy, Save Earth Easy”. We have free gift which is metal straw for all the attendees to the booth of EasyWork who like our Facebook page and download our mobile app on the spot.

Easywork EIMS

EasyWork is Turquoise colour. We are not green but we go GREEN. Let’s save the Earth together!

Currently, EasyWork is growing bigger and bigger by getting supported by a big player’s company to use our office mobile app.

Also very thankful to all small-medium enterprises that support our products. Your feedback had greatly enhanced our product. We listen to your feedback from the support tickets to fine-tune our product. Also, note that users are welcome to send us feedback at [email protected]

Easywork EIMS

Furthermore, all the booth attendees enjoyed our mini-games very much. They can choose to try their luck to win the special free gift.

Easywork EIMS

EasyWork would like to congratulate again for the 3 luckiest attendees who visited our booth and won the lucky draws with a remote control car.

easywork features

We feel thankful to all the attendees who visited our booth. Hope that EasyWork can provide a great solution for your human resource department or management team by making your work paperless and more productivity through our mobile app. Thank you for visiting EasyWork, hope to see you again next year!

easywork thank you

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