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Join World Cup fever, Apply for Leave easily with EasyWork Mobile App!

Over the years, HR system is escalation. Mobile phone technologies are evolving to make our lives easier, offering communication convenience and info retrieval in seconds. As it plays a huge part in our daily life routines, we’d figure it should be fruitfully used in our workplace too After all, the average of us spends 7-9 hours in the workplace.

EasyWork, a revolutionizing mobile application can now redefine HR capabilities. From Leave Submission to Reward Distribution, EasyWork can simplify the process and thus, save you time and increase your productivity. It is a Free HR & Company system mobile app. Among all the key features, we will take an in-depth look today into Poll and Leave Application.

EasyWork . 

How can you complete leave application within 10 secs? 

Are you ready for those exciting FIFA world cup matches? Or going for the final match celebration? Whatever reasons it may be, you can now apply your annual leave for this special day through EasyWork “Leave”. EasyWork is a free HR and Company System in Mobile App.

We know the most anticipated semi-final matches fall on 11th and 12th July (which happens to be on weekdays). Needless to say, the game will be happening at the ungodly hour: 2AM and 11PM. If you’re feeling too tired the next day, no worries. Just apply for your leave to rest well and replenish.

Furthermore, it’s just a one season fever in every four years. Enjoy your World Cup Holiday with your friends and family members by EasyWork. However, Leave is limited for the peak season! Faster grab it with EasyWork!

How to use EasyWork Leave?

  1. Install EasyWork App in google play store/ app store.
  2. Register an account as a user and create/ join a company.
  3. Select Leave, Key in date and details and attach the document.
  4. Select your approval person and press submit to them.
  5. Approval person will receive notification from the application you submitted. Then, you can just wait for the notification when it’s approved. That’s it!

How accurate is your prediction and decision? Try it in EasyWork’s Poll.

Creativity is what drives our adrenalines up. Using polls here can be for serious company decisions to the wackiest voting poll like voting for your favourite Fifa World Cup team! Which team would be the FIFA World Cup Champion? Who is your favourite golden boots player? List them down and create fun polls with your colleagues when you’re feeling bored at work. On the other hand, EasyWork poll is an office tool to make work decision according to the majority vote.

For instance, a company is organising a team building program. However, the venue of the team building is yet to be decided. The person-in-charge may post these options for the employees to decide.

Another scenario would be when the company is organising an annual dinner, the menu option ranged from seafood buffet or classic candlelight dinner. The organiser may post this to the poll and get the majority desired vote. We understand nothing is more precious than understanding your colleagues’ thoughts and feedback.


Grab your EasyWork subscription now with our new RM plans starting from just RM299!

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