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Free Upgrade to 1000 employees for Free Plan.

EasyWork Introduces Free for Lifetime Free Plan for Productive Remote Working Amid Global COVID-19 Outbreak

PENANG, Malaysia, 19 March 2020 — The outbreak of COVID-19 prompted companies around the globe to encourage working from home. As the demand for remote working rises, companies and employees can benefit from Smart Apps and Online Tools such as EasyWork to facilitate the new working model, increase productivity and enhance teamwork.

EasyWork support global industries’s need by Free upgrade plan to 1000 employees

Amid global challenges, EasyWork, the Smart WorkSpace Mobile App has boosted up efforts to support businesses around the world and empower their employees to work from home.

The company now offers EasyWork Free for Lifetime Free Plan capable of supporting up to 1000 users for each company. Subscribers will enjoy free services for a lifetime. The previous EasyWork free plan was limited to 10 users for each company.

Easywork approval features

EasyWork Attendance system

Work From Home & Attendance Feature

EasyWork comes with a complete set of tools for remote Attendance, such as Clock in & Out based on GPS, Work From Home Approval, Travel Declaration, Office Announcement and more.

From head to toes, EasyWork Features are made to support productive remote working and the Global emergency needs of Work From Home.

EasyWork Work from home tracking

Online Mobile App Form Submission

EasyWork allows employees to submit an approval form with just a few taps on the smart device. All submission data is well recorded for HR or Department Manager’s reference and approval.

Additionally, in the face of global challenges, EasyWork has come out with a smart ‘Travel Declaration Form’, which keeps track of employees travel destinations and effectively segregate employees who are back from infected countries.

Easywork Travel declarationEasywork Announcement notification
15 Workspace Features In 1 App

Apart from the aforementioned, EasyWork offers over 15 workspace features in one app to facilitate WorkSpace, HR and Employees coordination. EasyWork aims to make working from home as productive as physically working in the office.

easywork features

About EasyWork
Currently serving over 50,000 companies in 182 countries, EasyWork is a complete company and HR system mobile application that helps companies to become more efficient and productive, and more ready for growth.

EasyWork is backed by Exabytes Group Founder, a leading cloud service and solution provider in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit

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