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Health Management with EasyWork

Governments are now gradually lifting the quarantine on a limited sector of companies to alleviate the economic crisis on the horizon of the COVID-19 pandemic. As some companies see the return of their employees to the office, everyone should keep mindful of the situation and stay vigilant in maintaining social distancing and reducing physical contact.


Technology has played a huge role in assisting people in this endeavour. Many companies whom operate on the premise of providing convenience to their users are now used as more of a means towards health management through social distancing. EasyWork is no exception to that rule and would like to share with tips on how companies that better the health management of their employees through our existing features.

1. Health Management with Attendance

The Attendance feature on the EasyWork, can be used as a means for employees to self-monitor their body temperature by adding a remark every time they Clock-In and Clock-Out of work. Employees and employers can then track the health status of their employees over time and be able to take precautionary measure should any abnormal changes appear. Helping both parties be proactive in health management while working in the office.

2. Contactless Approvals

Users can also take advantage of the Approval, Claims and Leave feature to reduce the need of physical approvals which would most likely involve multiple parties. Using the app, users can submit approval applications for projects, contracts, laptop replacements and leaves all from the app. This feature also notifies relevant parties through app notifications should action be required on their end as well as status updates for the applicant. In addition, users can also track their approval application status through the app.

As employees start returning to their workplaces, contact will become more frequent however everyone should be alert and maintain social distancing whenever possible. Hopefully our tips will benefit your company in this time of transition and help keep everyone safe whilst businesses resume.

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