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How to Attract and Retain Generation Z Talents

HR Priorities To Focus for 2023

The number of Gen Z employees is projected to triple by 2030. Thus, the generation born between 1995 and 2015 will likely account for 30% of the world’s workforce and be significant in determining how the workplace will look for decades to come.

This new generation of employees is, for the most part, innovative, adaptable, values-driven, and deliberate in their job choices. One thing that is obvious with this generation is that people are not willing to give up their career vision in order to fit into a working model that doesn’t suit them.

Hence, in order to attract and retain this generation, companies must learn to see things from their point of view.

One thing is certain: if you want to attract Gen Z to your business, you need to think about what matters most to them, which includes greater flexibility, work-life balance, and career advancement.

For instance, having a reward system in place to incentivize your employees will attract Gen Z talents and keep the existing ones.

In order to draw in and retain this generation, keep the following in mind:

1. Flexibility

Generation Z workers want to work from home or other comfortable locations (their living space, office, a table at Starbucks, or even a reclining chair on the beach) because they are usually more proficient with digital technologies.

As a result, it is a great idea for companies to adopt an HR app to aid in work flexibility.

For example, EasyWork, a powerful HR app, comes with a smart attendance system that allows employees to clock in and clock out remotely using their smartphones for maximum flexibility. Moreover, the built-in reward system of EasyWork lets employees claim their rewards using an online point system.     

2. Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring programs are among the initiatives that Generation Z workers value the most. As they have done throughout their years of education, peers are more adept at motivating one another than managers who micromanage.

3. Work-life Balance

If your company wants to attract and retain this generation of workers, it must prioritize a good work-life balance. This generation will barely give up their social life for any job that keeps them staring at the computer or doing paper work for long hours.

Most Gen Z employees agree that it is essential to work for an organization that values a good work-life balance.

4. Career Development

The majority of Gen Zers value and prefer a clear set of career development options that will allow them to not just advance in their current roles but also learn new skills.

To help employees find possibilities that interest them and try out responsibilities outside of their present roles, employers need to provide training to their employees on a regular basis.  

5. Growth 

Generation Z needs complete openness regarding genuine prospects for progress. They are more interested in progress opportunities than having a specific job title. The pandemic has left Gen Zers with significant concerns. Hence, they are looking for growth more than ever.

6. Social Awareness

For the majority of Gen Zs, social awareness such as a company’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental issues are crucial. Most Gen Zers prefer to work with companies that are ethical when it comes to issues regarding the environment.

7. Mentorships

One of the secrets to luring and keeping Generation Z employees is mixing and matching different generations on the same team. Different team members from different generations get together to talk about their experiences and professional aspirations.

8. Job Rotation

When given the chance to work in a variety of positions within their first few years with a company, young employees really appreciate it. For instance, a Gen Z marketing executive can spend six months on digital marketing and another six months on brand advertising.

By doing this, they can decide what they enjoy the most and the career route they want to take.

In Closing

In order to keep your best and brightest Gen Z employees, you must understand what drives them and how to modify the workplace to suit their requirements. For instance, you will need a great attendance system in place that allows remote clock in and clock out for remote or hybrid workers.

After all, contented workers are much more likely to choose your company as the best place for them to advance their careers.


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