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How EasyWork help your company during COVID-2019?

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During the COVID- 2019 period, do you need to work from home?

In order to keep everyone safe, 14 days quarantine period are commonly practiced by a lot of country’s governments after travelling from infected places.

The best solutions for you during COVID-2019 period by using EasyWork feature:

✅Attendance system ✅Support from home approval ✅Announcement ✅Reward system

Work from home

document approval

Support from home/ Apply Work from home

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many of us are forced to start working from home in order to prevent the spread of a serious virus. However, Microsoft proven that work from home is also an effective method to boost productivity.

To start the remote work. EasyWork can make your work from home much easier. By using the support from home feature, now you can easily apply to work from home, no more hustle procedure and paperwork for you to go through the approval and slow down the procedure. While admin can easily manage the employees application anywhere and anytime.

Flexible Clock in & out system with GPS

attendance app

Flexible Clock in & out system with GPS

Working from home might let you have less ritual as you work in the office, always jam in the traffics, forget to take attendance and cause a bad attendance record. Along with the outbreak of COVID-2019, employees now can’t manage to go to the office and take attendance like usual.

However, by using the EasyWork Clock in & out system with GPS now you can become more flexible to work anywhere and anytime. Attendance Clock in Clock out which you can check in & check out your attendance by accessing Location.

It replaces the traditional access hardware system and it is cost-saving too. This is useful for those who are constantly working out-of-office , by using EasyWork Attendance system, now you can Clock in & Clock out at home with a proven record.

AttendanceAttendance report

Staff Travel Declaration / Business Trip Declaration

In the current COVID-19 Situation, as employee or employee, we need to declare Staff Travel Declaration/ Business Trip Declaration in order to make sure anyone who had travel from infection can make a proper volunteer quarantine for 14 days. HR or employers can control the business trip of employees by notify via EasyWork’s Staff Travel Declaration feature!

Step 1: Select Approval’s Staff Travel Declaration

Step 2: Fill up all details about the trip

Step 3: Submit for approval

Office Announcement

Office Announcement

If you are still using a notice board to make an announcement in the office, during work from home period, it’s hard to inform your employee well. You may try to use EasyWork announcement to inform everyone with notifications.

Having a meeting while working from home, not sure everyone remembers the important things, you can still make important notice in the announcement. However, is it troublesome that you need to separate different platforms to send out the messages?

Using EasyWork office Announcement make office announcements with just a few taps. No more sending emails or putting up a notice! Everyone is aware of announcements by notification. Every team member can refer to the announcement anytime. Date & time of announcements are well recorded.

Reward System

reward system

Reward System

Lack of productivity while working from home? Result starts to slow down, so many factors disrupted work on stage such as your Phone? Your bed? Your television? Food? Kids? Games? Even engagement with your colleagues is less. In order to boost team productivity, give points to those who finish their work “on time”.

Using Easy Reward system from EasyWork can build positive connections between employers and employees allocate reward points to peers who have accomplished your request as an appreciation.

Employees will get motivation as they will work when they are rewarded by points. Indeed, when employees accumulate enough with their points, they can claim their desired items such as phones, laptops, dental care, sunglasses, etc.

easywork features

Not only these features, EasyWork include more than 15 features just in 1 App. Try it out immediately to make your work from home easier and make work productivity!

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