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How to Encourage Employees to Clock In and Out Digitally?

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Well, all employers want a simple and effective system to ensure the employees are clocking in and out punctually. Manually counting the attendance, picking out and warning the latecomers is a tedious task, and the result can be disappointing.

Moreover, pen and paper rule is even more hectic for the employees to list down their daily activities and write about the time in and out of office. It’s an invitation to disaster amount of mistakes.

However, when there’s a smart app to help the HR system manage each employee both ways, i.e., remotely and in-office; then, why do you need to worry?

7 Useful Tips to Introducing the Time Tracking Employee Attendance App:


1. Highlight the Significance of HR App

The trick is not to focus on how it helps you but how it’s significant for your employees to clock in and out using the new HR system in Malaysia.

Understanding the factor that the app will help them get paid fairly for the extra hours they put into work is a bonus.

Moreover, clarify that the attendance app isn’t meant to monitor, control, or overload the employees.

Don’t Do This: Send a text/notice a day prior to implementation. Instead, make your employees part of your decision.

2. Trial Period and Feedback

A trial period will help the employees get used to clocking in and out digitally. Employees will understand the importance of it over time.

Feedback from employees can help you in choosing a better app. Or you can encourage employees based on their performance during the trial period.

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3. Ensure the Time Clock is User-friendly

Employees may not clock in or out regularly because of a difficult interface. Make sure the app isn’t too slow or difficult to use.

Slow loading speed is definitely a turnoff. Additionally, is the app user-friendly? Bear in mind that a user-friendly app must always have a simple but effective user interface.

4. Consider a Time Tracking App for Remote Employees

Binding a remote employee and keeping a track of his work hours is ‘quite an imaginative process’. They have to bother HR to manually add their work hours. Instead, they are free from the liability to clock in and out on time.

In this case, smart monitoring application such as EasyWork can do a good job. It not only tracks when the work begins but also presents other important information to the employers. So, no more excuses for remote employees not to punch in on time.

EasyWork have a built-in reward system to let you reward among employees.

5. Have a Reward System for Clocking In

Who enjoys being monitored for nothing in return or maybe only warnings? So, take the other route: create an incentive program, such as:

  • Set up monthly or bimonthly rewards for employees clocking in on time, such as a good breakfast or a free lunch.
  • Create managers to monitor their teams and reward the team that’s most punctual.

The reward system can include a day off or early leave or anything that attracts the employees. However, be as unbiased as the time tracker.

6. Alerts to Alert You About the Problem Employees

Not all employees are alike—one can be a rule-follower and the other can be a rule-breaker. Or maybe he has a habit of forgetting.

We have come across various employees that are so focused on their tasks that they don’t remember the time-frame, their meetings, and whatnot.

So, to track them, text alerts can be turned on. If they forget to punch in, inform immediately.

7. Remove the Barrier

If the employee forgets to clock in just because the desk is in a single corner of the office, remove the barrier. Simply facilitate the employees to use an employee attendance app.

In fact, for convenience, you can use a free online leave management system to prevent the hassle of tracking every single person.


These pro-tips will definitely help you keep the employees motivated to clock in and out timely.

Especially the reward system is quite an incentive, but a little discouragement or keeping an employee unrewarded can cause adverse effects.

So, even if your employee is progressing, simply give a pat on the back for every little step.



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