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How to Make HR More Approachable

How to Make HR More Approachable

The HR department is instrumental in keeping a company running smoothly. From recruiting employees to ensuring compliance with organization laws, it handles the necessary functions of a business.

According to a Zenbusiness survey, in which 1,000 employees were examined, only 55% of employees felt comfortable approaching the HR department to help them deal with work issues.

The HR department of every business organization has to construct itself in a way that employees will collaborate with them for effective engagement and productivity improvement. There are various ways HR can make themselves approachable to employees.

1. Be Well Informed

Among the responsibilities of HR is to ensure that it is knowledgeable to professionally handle employee workplace issues, which boosts employee confidence. For example, when an employee is facing discrimination, he will turn to HR to find solutions, and HR should be able to proffer a solution to the issue adhering to protocols.

Even if a solution is not recommended immediately, HR should be able to follow up on the case and find a remedy. This will show employees HR’s reliability and empathy.

2. Communication

There should be a bridge between HR and employees. Apart from HR being able to communicate an organization’s working protocols, they should create a room where they listen to employee concerns and complaints.

Employees would like to be listened to, and when they are not given a listening ear, they won’t feel valued and will be discouraged to use the services offered by HR. In this regard, modern HR apps (a.k.a. HR system or software) can provide a platform where the thoughts of the employees are well communicated.

For example, the features in the HR app enable the HR department to create an online poll in the app to collect opinions and understand the concerns and preferences of the employees.

3. Negotiating Skills

There are bound to be disagreements among employees and the HR department when it comes to certain issues. HR is required to have sound negotiating skills to be able to amicably resolve disagreements.

In the disagreement resolution, both parties’ requirements must be fulfilled. Having negotiation skills entails being able to listen attentively to complaints and to understand and resolve them without bias. This will draw an organization’s employees to HR when they have pressing issues to be dealt with.

4. Show Empathy

When you show empathy to someone complaining to you about an issue, they are likely to come back to you again for help in the future. The HR department should understand and empathize with employees’ concerns.

Doing this does not show a sign of weakness; rather, it portrays the HR department as professional and sensitive, which are essential attributes to make the HR process approachable. Showing empathy tells the employees that you understand them and you’re eager to address their concerns.

5. Be Effective and Efficient

One of the many reasons why some employees don’t rely on the HR department is because it seems as if it cannot decide and implement efficiently.

For example, when the HR department takes a long period to implement employees’ suggestions or resolve an issue, it erodes the faith reposed in it. This aspect is also important when the employees are submitting their claims and documents for approval.

By tracking with a proper system, the HR department can be on top of their game at all times. When employees know that HR will be quick and resourceful to help them handle minor and major issues, they will always turn to it when the need arises.

6. Be Available

It does an HR department no good to be unreachable when they are needed. In other words, the HR department should be available to their employees and create a way they can be easily reached.

This can be as simple as using a modern HR app (a.k.a. HR system or HR software in Malaysia). For example, HR apps like EasyWork allow employees to report to the HR department regarding a faulty facility (such as a faulty doorknob) with just a few taps on the mobile phone.

Moreover, employees are also able to perform resource booking (book a projector, a conference room, etc) whenever they wish.

The Bottom Line

Establishing an approachable HR department takes adhering to the tips discussed above, plus commitment and patience. It’s a good idea for the HR department to take the initiative to communicate with employees for effective engagement.

In this regard, powerful online tools such as HR apps provide an innovative way to bridge the communication gap and enhance collaboration, which in turn, make the HR department more approachable and reliable.

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