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What You Should Look for in a HR App

What to look for in a HR app

Human Resource Management plays an important role in every organization. In view of this, different online tools have been created to ease office HR management. Among these tools, HR apps are known to offer their users the power to boost efficiency and productivity.

Regardless if you are a regular employee or an HR department manager, you should know that HR-related tasks, such as submitting a claim form and applying for leave can be such a tedious task. Moreover, the paperwork that involved — submitting the receipts and forms, keeping the physical receipts for future reference — can be a headache.

HR apps have several features that aid the HR manager and HR employees in doing their duty with full efficiency. Now you need to choose the right Human Resource app that suits your needs. It is crucial because different apps have varying unique functionalities and features for different types of businesses.

A good HR app should include features such as employee attendance management, leave management, resource booking, reward system and more. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know when it comes to picking an HR app for you or your company. These tips can save you precious time while selecting the right app for you. Let’s dig in and consider the following points.

1. Go with Easy to Use App

If you are going to choose a Human Resource application, the first thing to consider is checking if it is easy to use or not. There are a lot of apps available that have a complex interface, and HR managers cannot understand them easily.

This affects the overall time needed for task completion. Also, if the app is not easy to understand, there are chances that you cannot fully utilize its features. As a result, it will be an incomplete app for you, and you cannot afford to use such an app for a long time.

2. The Type of HR App

Different types of HR apps are available online. Some of them are attendance apps, leave management apps, HR training apps and workforce-focused HR apps. You should consider your requirements and the type of business you are running before choosing.

It’s necessary to keep these in mind in order to get the right app without any issues. For example, if you know you need a free online leave management system, consider EasyWork.

3. HR App Should be Scalable

Scalability is a big factor when it comes to choosing an HR app. You need to check the information and features of the particular app that you want to use.

For example, find out if the app is able to support your HR operation when the number of your employees increases in the future. Also, check whether it will grow with time and if more new features will be added onto the app in the future.

4. HR App Should be Mobile Capable

There is a need to check the mobile capabilities of any app you choose to use. For example, if you are looking for an attendance system or employee attendance feature, make sure you and your employees can use the app on the smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

Always select the app that is capable of running on different devices. This will make it possible for all users to have easy access to it anytime anywhere on any device.

5. Check Integration Features

Integration features have considerable impact. To choose an HR software in Malaysia or an HR system in Malaysia, you should check if you can integrate it with other systems you are currently using.

The app you choose should be able to send and receive data with other software/tools you use. This will increase productivity, and you don’t have to perform complex synchronization yourself.


In fact, there are several benefits of using an HR application. A good HR app can greatly cut down on paper waste and boost employee productivity at the same time. Moreover, it helps save plenty of company resources, such as manpower and time.

When HR management is well taken care of, you can invest more time and energy in your core business! To get a better understanding of how Easywork works, download now today!


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