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The Impact of COVID-19 on the HR Landscape

impact of covid-19 hr landscape

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world’s business landscape and made many businesses rethink business sustainability. As a result, many businesses are changing and adapting to boost sustainability and succeed in this challenging time.

Human resource professionals are leading the effort to help businesses succeed amidst the pandemic conditions by ushering in workplace rule changes and more.

In this post, we will share how the coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the HR landscape through the use of HR software or apps and how organisations going remote are benefiting from it.

HR Attendance Apps

Attendance management allows organisations to keep track of employee hours. HR apps such as EasyWork records when employees clock in and out of work without a physical punch card attendance machine.

These smart apps allow organisations to analyse employee performance, a prerequisite for promotions and salary improvement.

Indeed, HR apps have given companies the upper hand by helping them utilise their attendance management system efficiently and effectively.

Below, we will be looking at how businesses can use HR apps to improve their productivity, communication and overall business operations.

Less Office Hardware

With the rise in HR software adoption, businesses are relying less on third-party hardware installed in the office. For example, employers can record employee attendance data more efficiently with attendance apps than they could with hardware devices.

One good example is the clock in and clock out feature that can record employee attendance and keep the data safely and reliably without the use of a physical punch card attendance machine.

Reports Are Always Available

When it comes to reviewing employee performance and attendance, data is highly needed. It is needed even more when employees work remotely.

HR apps such as EasyWork come with powerful features that enable management to monitor employee performance and gather reports for employee evaluations. What is more fascinating is that the monitoring is done in real-time.

Leave-Management System

An online attendance app makes it easier for HR teams to manage employee leaves. All that is required is for an employee to open the app and see how much leave time they have left.

Moreover, employees can apply for leave using the attendance app. At the same time, the HR department will be able to approve or disapprove leave applications online.

easywork clock in feature

Increased Productivity

HR apps allow us to simplify processes and increase productivity.

With only a few taps on the smartphone, the HR department can take on a plethora of tasks such managing employee attendance, rewards, claims, shifts, leaves, and even communicating with the employees effectively using powerful features such as online announcement and online polls.

That is one reason why more HR departments are adopting the use of HR apps. This shift goes a long way in boosting the productivity of HR management.

Increased Accuracy

Manually recording employee attendance is a task prone to human errors. It is not unusual to hear complaints from staff that their attendance data from the HR department is inaccurate. This situation can negatively influence their performance analytics.

HR software minimises human errors, providing the HR team with accurate attendance data for employee performance analysis.

easywork leave management

How Businesses are Benefiting from Going Online

Increased Remote Working Opportunities

When the pandemic prevented many businesses from operating in their physical locations due to lockdown measures, many were forced to go remote. Only those that had remote capabilities were able to maintain operations.

Remote working helps businesses save money because they can pay lower rental rates for smaller workspaces.

Virtual Training

Another impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the HR landscape is that employers have expanded their virtual capabilities.

With brick-and-mortar businesses closed, many businesses have found that an efficient way to bring their employees up to speed with the management system is through online training.

Companies are training their employees via an app or some other virtual platform. For example, the use of Zoom, a cloud-based video-call service, has been on the rise since the pandemic outbreak.

It reduces face-to-face interaction and retains employer-employee relationships.

Online Interviewing

Even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, organisations need to recruit new talent. Virtual interviewing has become a safe and reliable way for HR departments to enlist new employees.

Online interviews save time and resources for both the organisation and the prospective employees because they can be done from anywhere without the need to commute.

Virtual interviewing also affords HRs ample time to search through the pool of applicants to hire the right person.

For example, having the luxury of time to go through candidates’ LinkedIn profiles before proceeding to an interview gives employers an edge to recruit the right person for the job.

The Bottom Line

As the pandemic continues, many organisations are making efforts to improve their HR management systems. HR personnel can bring themselves up to speed with this evolving situation and brainstorm solutions to tackle new issues.

A good example is the adoption of an effective HR app or attendance app, which can help them keep the business moving forward.

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