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Implement Remote Working To Curb Covid-19 In Your Region

The world is going through another phase of Covid-19 as the number of people getting infected is on the rise. Frontliners and medical staff working endlessly and tirelessly to help flatten the curve to bring the number of cases down – but they can’t do it alone.

Companies can lend a helping to combat the rise of cases by implementing the remote working culture within the organization. With employees working from home the lesser chance of them being exposed – with that flattening the curve or rising cases.

With that in mind, EasyWork is here to provide you with the essential tools that will enable your company to implement a structured remote working environment.


1. Keeping track of employee’s daily attendance

Every company relies on employees’ attendance records as proof of them being at work. With EasyWork’s Attendance feature, employees now can take their attendance while being in the safety of their own homes. Attendance records such as time stamp and location address will both be available for the company’s HR viewing pleasure.

With EasyWork’s Attendance feature at your disposal, as a company, you will be granted with powerful functions that will ensure every attendance are accounted for.


2. Instantaneous approval application submissions

Companies can now take part in reducing their paper footprint while helping their local government combat the spread of covid-19. With the technology that EasyWork offers, companies can now rely on digital forms instead of physical papers.

With the availability of digital forms, employees now will be able to send in any submission application in the safety and comfort of their own homes. With that being said, companies will not need to worry about slow transactions, this is because all transactions within EasyWork will happen instantaneously.


3. Socialize and manage employees’ benefit from your smartphones

EasyWork also provides companies with the tools needed to manage your employees’ benefit. With great benefits, morale will be boosted, and this is very important as it lifts up the spirits of your workforce during these hard times.

Having a structure and fun rewarding system that everyone in your company can participants in brings satisfaction and loyalty. Imagine empowering all of your employees to spread positivity and encouragement. As a result, you will see a workforce that is performing at their best to achieve the company’s goal. 



With the solutions that EasyWork can provide, companies can now implement the remote working environment easily and without hesitation. The more companies that are practicing this culture, the faster we are able to keep the spread of covid-19 at bay.

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