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Improve your company’s HR management with these tools


1. Mobile Attendance System

With the events that have recently occurred, companies have been forced to adapt to changes quickly in order to survive. Practices such as working from home or remotely are being more commonly implemented into the workspace. 

While practicing such a culture has its many pros, some companies are still struggling to figure out how to properly manage the employee’s attendance. 

Here’s a solution for you, EasyWork Attendance. This powerful feature provides the necessary means for companies to keep track of their employee’s working time. 

  • Operates directly from your smartphones, no additional 3rd party hardware is required. 
  • Install and use. The usage of this feature is instant without any integration fuss. 
  • Easy to understand user interface which allows maximum operational capacity. 
  • Notification reminders to remind employees who have not taken their attendance.
  • Multiple time attendance methods available for management’s picking.
  • Both in-app and offline report is available for management’s reporting purposes.


2. Digitalise Office Submission Forms

Companies have been striving to cut down their paper footprint for decades now. Some have found it possible and some have not. Having this intention not only help with the current global warming situation but it also helps the company to cut down on their operation cost – less paper used, less cost incurred. 

Introducing EasyWork’s Application Forms. In EasyWork, we provide a multitude of forms for the company’s usage. You will find forms ranging from basic item request forms and all the way up to important forms like financial claim forms. 

  • Submission can be done directly from smartphone devices. 
  • File attachment is available for all relevant forms for documentation. 
  • Simple approval structure to increase the required approval time and flow. 
  • Every submission will have its own notification to ensure none is left out. 
  • All submission transaction is kept and can be reviewed later if necessary.


3. Employee’s Benefit & Social Engagement

While practicing the remote working culture is great, companies also have the responsibility to engage and socialize with those who keep the company operating. It does not always need to be about work, having a balance between work and some fun can greatly boost the morale of each employee. 

Over at EasyWork we strongly believe in employee recognition. That’s is the reason why we have released some amazing features that would help companies engage with their employees in a fun and exciting way. 

EasyWork Rewards allows companies to do so. This feature here encourages colleagues to reward one another to recognize the effort of others within the company. These points then can be accumulated to redeem a list of products that the company has published. This way both companies and employees are able to enjoy a balanced working environment with some fun.

  • Reward points automatically reset back to the minimum number each month.
  • Multiple tiers of reward points allocation can be easily configurated.
  • Companywide can view and interact with the comments of other colleagues. 
  • Companies can easily set up the products that can be redeemed by their employees. 
  • The value of each point is totally up to the company’s imagination.



EasyWork has many different types of features that can help companies who are trying to improve their company’s HR management system. We do not only provide the fundamental tools, but we also provide tools that can be used to create a fun and exciting environment for all employees to work from.

EasyWork is available in both the iOS and Android app stores. You can register and download the app completely FREE.


Grab your EasyWork subscription now with our new RM plans starting from just RM299!

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