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Learn the Best HR Career Advice from HR Professionals

Learn the Best HR Career Advice from HR Professionals

The coronavirus wreaked havoc on professions all around the world in 2020 and beyond. During this period, businesses and employees in Malaysia alike had to adjust to new working conditions.

Some moved to a remote work environment, while others changed careers.

The HR managers in Malaysia, on the other hand, had the most difficult job. They are responsible for employee welfare and department reorganisation. It was a big challenge.

HR managers had to learn new technology, including how to make good use of an HR app so they could keep an eye on and manage employees from afar.

Thankfully, with the right technology and system, HR processes can function like clockwork, from hiring, onboarding, and scheduling to compliance and perks.

Without it, everything becomes a hassle and a needless effort for everyone, especially at this time.

Learn these best HR career advice from HR professionals to help you adapt to the changing needs of today’s workplace.

1. Make use of available technology and tools to ensure proper communication across departments

Managers don’t mind letting certain departments work from home as working remotely has been successfully introduced in most companies. It will help the companies save money while preserving staff productivity.

To ensure that remote and office workers work together smoothly and efficiently, you should give them all access to a single online workspace. Workers can communicate and collaborate using an HR system in Malaysia.

However, for this method to work and for employees to quickly adapt to a new way of working together, the HR manager must seamlessly use it, training staff one-on-one or in groups.

2. Communicate in a positive light

Every change and shift in the workplace has an impact on the employees, particularly on communication and comprehension. At all times, a good HR manager should maintain great ties throughout the company.

According to HR professionals, employees should be communicated with on a daily basis, not just when they are faced with changes. It will be easier for you to tackle their problems if you know what problems they are having.

With many employees now still working from home, the easiest way to stay in touch with them and keep the lines of communication open is to use an HR app.

3. Determine the applicant’s interest in obtaining employment

It costs money to hire new employees, and most businesses do it on a regular basis. An HR department and hiring managers can use HR software to define clear expectations about what they’re looking for in applicants, ensuring that there are no misconceptions.

The hiring manager will be able to track the interview and application process in real-time thanks to the HR software system. The HR manager will be able to tell how enthusiastic the applicant is about the job and how thoroughly they read the job description using the HR software.

4. Collaboration with all departments is crucial

All personnel in each department should be supported by the HR manager. To do so, you’ll need to learn about each employee’s specific demands, the department’s overall needs, as well as how certain working conditions influence their work.

Develop concepts and strategies for personnel management in collaboration with other managers. Department managers understand their departments better than anyone else.

5. Employee rewards and benefits

The first thing that attracts a new employee is a nice salary, but working conditions are far more important. An individual who is always overworked and under stress will not be able to stay in a company for long.

HR departments must instil a sense of security and respect in their employees. People in HR jobs have to figure out how to make vacation lists, let people work on their own schedules, provide health programs, and even give paid sick leave.

Employees will be happier and more loyal to the organisation if small things like these are done. This eliminates the need for the organisation to invest money and effort in locating and training a new employee.

All these things can be achieved effortlessly when you integrate a good HR app into your day-to-day operation.

EasyWork, for example, is a powerful HR app that allows employers to reward their employees; employees to reward employees using a point system.

6. Create a training program

In most cases, new employees are required to complete an initial training session. In this case, the employee is given a mentor who looks after and encourages his or her new coworkers.

Existing personnel, on the other hand, also require training to upgrade their skills. Continuous development aids in the quality of job performance and career advancement.

In Closing

HR professionals emphasize that it’s critical to use software to automate your processes, especially in today’s virtual working environment

Find a great HR software that allows you to manage everything, such as attendance, leave, approval, work shifts, employee rewards, resource booking and more.

It helps to keep track of everything and automates many crucial operations. The cost of deploying HR software is less than the time you’d spend organising by hand.

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