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Malaysia Movement Control Order 2.0 (MCO.20)

Malaysia likes any other country is faced with the difficult task of controlling the spread of Covid-19 since the outbreak in 2020. Now with the continuous rise of cases, the Malaysian government has decided that the worse affected states in the country be placed under a movement control order (MCO) while the other states will go into conditional movement control order (CMCO) and recovery movement control order respectively (RMCO). 

So with MCO 2.0 taking into effect on 13/1/2021, Wednesday. How can companies or businesses adapt to keep operations running as safely as possible? 

Look no further, the answer is here with EasyWork. EasyWork has long been promoting the remote management of employees directly from your smartphones.  Below we will discuss some of the ways EasyWork can be used to keep your operations running during MCO 2.0.


1. Taking Attendance Remotely Without Physical Contact 

EasyWork Attendance features operate directly from your smartphone devices. With our attendance feature downloaded, your employees will be able to take their work attendance from the safety of their homes. For employees that have to return to workspaces, they can take their attendance at a safe distance and without having to be in contact with any commonly used hardware.


2. Real-Time Employee Data & Reporting

EasyWork Attendance provides admins with real-time data. Data such as timestamps and locations will be stores and admins will be able to use these pieces of information to update the employees’ timesheets. We also provide admins with the option to download the report from EasyWork Hub which has all the necessary data to do their attendance reporting.


3. Remarks & Temperature Records

EasyWork has since evolved to help companies manage their employees better. With that, we have added the option for employees to declare their body temperature and remarks if needed. That option allows admins to closely monitor their employees and action can be taken if there are any employees who are ill yet showed up for work.


4. Distancing Is Your Best Protection

Beside masking up in public areas, distancing is also a form of protection. By using EasyWork, employees who either works from home or in workspaces will always have a safe distance from their colleagues. Common hardware such as time attendance machine will be used rarely and that in a way will decrease the chances of employees being infected.



With all the benefits of using handheld attendance systems, companies will not only provide a safer option for their employees but also contributing to the efforts of the government to curb the spread of Covid-19. Let us do our part and be stay safe out there. Check out EasyWork User Access Module to know more.

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