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Managing Remote Workers in 2023 and Beyond

Managing Remote Workers

It is apparent that the remote working culture will be here to stay until the foreseeable future. What does this mean for the physical office HR methods? This is the time for HRs to adapt and implement technologies that will greatly help them in managing their employees better while working remotely.


1. Timely Attendance

We all can agree that by allowing employees to work remotely, companies many find themselves having two kinds of group of employees, some that are self-motivated and others which requires a little more attention.

With that being said, attendance is the most critical metrics that admins will monitor as it shows the start and end time for each employee. With the help of modern software, admins will have the capabilities to monitor each and every employee as they work remotely from the comfort of their home. These software’s will provide in-depth metrics that admins can use to measure employees in detail and effectively.

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2. Individual or Team Goals

With remote working being implemented all across the world. Managers will have to do a little extra work by establishing the expected goals for their teams. By having a goal that each team member can focus and work on from their home, you will find that they are less likely to work on things that are non-work related.

A good way to keep employees on track is not just by setting goals or KPIs. Manager will need to also be more proactive and check on their progress every now and then. This way, problems or issues can be identified earlier and the solutions can be implemented sooner.

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3. Virtual Employees Recognition

There’s is no fun when there’s only work to focus on. Admins should always find creative ways to keep their employees highly motivated, as this will improve their morale and performance. Being timely is also important as employees will feel that you are not genuine in your praise if it takes too long.

Admins have their work cut out, as there are many tools out there that focus on employee benefits and they often use points as a currency. It is also almost safe to say that all of them can be automated once the terms have been configurated.

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4. Social Hang Outs & Events

Since most of us are confined in our very own remote working space, there’s is no way for us to hang around with our colleagues. This can create a situation whereby some colleagues of ours will feel left out and lonely.

Admins can tackle these issue by organizing some fun virtual events that everyone can take part in such as, movie night, group lunch, quizzes and more There is no limit when it comes to thinking of events that can be held virtually.

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As more and more companies are adopting the remote working culture, admins will need to improve their skills and knowledge to better manage their employees. There are many tools out there which will enable admins to perform better and one such tool is EasyWork. Check out what EasyWork has to offer.


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