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Maximizing Modern Attendance System For Your Company

making the best of modern attendance system

With technologies now almost applicable in all aspects of our lives, more and more software are being developed to give companies an upper hand. 

Today we will be covering the topic of company attendance and how companies can take advantage of modern attendance systems to improve their company’s working environment.


1.  No need for additional hardware

Yes, you read it right. With modern attendance software systems, you no longer require expensive third-party hardware to be installed in your offices. Companies now have the capabilities to take employees’ attendance using their very own smartphone devices. 

This also means that there is less operation cost incurred for the company. Employees will be given the responsibility to take charge of their attendance via their smartphone devices. 

  • Smartphones provide quicker access to attendance records
  • Multiple ways of attendance taking with smartphones
  • The company saves cost on third party software


2.  Quick and simple – no fuss when taking attendance

In general, the quickest way for us to obtain information nowadays is with our smartphones. This is the reason why more software solution companies are developing onto a mobile platform. 

With that in mind. HR management solution that operates within your smartphone devices provides the management team plenty of advantages and also increase the process productivity of the HR department. 

  • Get instant access to your attendance system
  • Every attendance transaction is in real-time
  • Simple and easy to understand user interface


3. Both in-app and offline reports available

It comes to a time where the management will need to review all of the employee’s attendance. This is even more important when companies are practicing the remote working culture as employees are working from their residence respectively. 

EasyWork Attendance comes with two kinds of reports which will greatly help the company. Admins will get to use the in-app real-time report to monitor day to day attendance performance of the company or a detailed report which can be used for the month’s end reporting. 

  • Have access to meaningful reports to monitor the company’s attendance.
  • Reports will come with various metrics to help admins categorize attendance behavior.
  • Offline reports will showcase information such as GPS location, timestamp, and more.



EasyWork has many different types of features that can help companies who are trying to improve their company’s HR management system. We do not only provide the fundamental tools, but we also provide tools that can be used to create a fun and exciting environment for all employees to work from.

EasyWork is available in both the iOS and Android app stores. You can register and download the app completely FREE.

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