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Top 10 things you must know what will happen in 2020

top 10 in 2020

1. 2020 5G mobile phone big changes trend in the world

easywork 5G

The arrival of 5G technology will be in common by the year of 2020. Huawei, samsung, xiaomi & apple is ready in production of 5G phone. So, it’s time for you to purchase 5G Mobile Phone. The big changes of phone trend is coming soon. Let’s think about what phone you are ready to change?

Sure, 5G has gotten off to a gradual start so far. But 2020 could mark the true coming-out party for high-speed 5G connectivity. The reason can be summed up in two words: 5G iPhone. Apple is widely expected to be planning its first 5G-capable iPhone model—or models—for the fall of 2020.

In tandem, the major carriers are planning significant rollouts of 5G networks next year. For instance, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg recently pledged to bring 5G access to half of the U.S. population in 2020.

While smartphone vendors such as Samsung have already launched 5G-capable models, that company and the other major phone vendors are all likely to get into the 5G game as the carrier deployments get more widespread in 2020.

While the smartphone market has been sagging of late, the arrival of 5G is expected to return the market to growth next year. Worldwide smartphone sales are predicted to grow 2.8 percent in 2020, after dropping 2.5 percent this year, according to research firm Gartner. That would put the smartphone market back above 2018 levels, and the expected 5G iPhone could be among the major factors in the growth, Gartner reported.

financial market 2020

2. Financial crisis risk in 2020

  • Global recessions
  • Trade war risk
  • Banking debt risk
  • World Debt level increased
  • Overvalued stocks with long bull period
  • The ten years cycle of bull market caused sentimental market
  • Political risk such as Brexit & Hong Kong issues

Weaker growth in both advanced and developing countries means the possibility of a global recession in 2020 is a clear and present danger, the UN has warned.

In a flagship report, the UN’s trade and development body, Unctad, said 2019 will endure the weakest expansion in a decade and there was a risk of the slowdown turning into outright contraction next year.

2019 year current debt of american company’s debt level is high and achieve new high of 10 trillions dollar, about 47% of total GDP, broken the record of 2008.

By the year of 2008 is 6.6 trillion, was about the 44% of total GDP.
Hence, The next financial crisis should be take into concern but it depends on your own risk.

The UN said warning lights were flashing around trade wars, currency gyrations, the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and movements in long-term interest rates but there was little sign that policymakers were prepared for the coming storm.

Some professional statements from:

The Independent: “Next global financial crisis will strike in 2020, warns investment bank JPMorgan – sparked by automated trading systems.”

Forbes: “2020s Might Be The Worst Decade In U.S. History – triggered by contagion from a global credit crisis.”

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said that “2020 is a real inflection point.”

business ai easywork

3. Business trend of 2020 Machine Learning and AI Advances

The artificial-intelligence industry is continuing to grow and will have a significant impact on the world economy in the coming years. Even smaller uses of AI and algorithms can improve the user experience in nearly all industries. Spotify, for one, uses artificial intelligence to make the listening experience more personal by creating customized sessions for each user.

AI is also transforming customer service. As Omer Khan, founder and CEO of VividTech told Entrepreneur, “Today’s chatbots and virtual assistants are able to handle more customer service tasks than ever before to better facilitate the customer journey.

As they utilize machine learning to better respond to customer requests, these interactions become even more efficient.” Through the smart use of technology, business and consumers will all benefit.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has already received a lot of buzz in recent years, but it continues to be a trend to watch because its effects on how we live, work and play are only in the early stages. In addition, other branches of AI have developed, including Machine Learning, which we will go into below.

AI refers to computers systems built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognition of images, speech or patterns and decision making. AI can do these tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

AI is one part of what we refer to broadly as automation, and automation is a hot topic because of potential job loss. Experts say automation will eliminate 73 million more jobs by 2030. However, automation is creating jobs as well as eliminating them, especially in the field of AI: Pundits predict that jobs in AI will number 23 million by 2020.

Jobs will be created in development, programming, testing, support and maintenance, to name a few. Artificial Intelligence architect is one such job. Some say it will soon rival data scientist in need for skilled professionals. To learn more about potential jobs in AI, read about building a career in AI or why you should earn an AI certification.

payment solutions easywork

4. The payment control

The fight for control of the mobile payments system. An upshot of the app economy is the question of who processes, and makes money, from online payments. The battle between banks, credit card companies, telcos and software companies is going to be a major business story of the decade.

5. Travel places must go in 2020

Costa Rica

Costa Rica flies the flag for sustainable tourism. This small country’s vast biodiversity attracts visitors keen to spot sleepy sloths in trees, red-eyed frogs paralysing their predators, and whales in the Pacific. Costa Ricans understand the importance of preserving their slice of tropical paradise and have found a way to invite others in while living in harmony with their neighbours – from leafcutter ants to jaguars.

Ninety percent of the country’s energy is created by renewable sources, and it could become one of the first carbon-neutral countries in 2020. Adventure lovers can hike volcanoes or ride a zip line, while those craving ‘me time’ can enjoy yoga retreats and spa experiences. The catchphrase pura vida (pure life) is more than a saying, it’s a way of life.


A dozen nations vie for the title of real-life Shangri-La, but Bhutan’s claim has more clout than most. This tiny piece of Himalayan paradise operates a strict ‘high-value, low-impact’ tourism policy, compelling travellers to pay a high daily fee just to set foot in its pine-scented, monastery-crowned hills.

The pay-off for visitors is a chance to walk along mountain trails unsullied by litter, in the company of people whose Buddhist beliefs put them uniquely in tune with their environment. Bhutan punches well above its weight when it comes to sustainability. It is already the world’s only carbon-negative country, and the kingdom is set to become the first fully organic nation by 2020, so it’s only going to get more beautiful. And with the daily fee, it won’t be getting any more crowded.

The other places to visit by 2020 recommended by Lonely Planet are:
– England
– North Macedonia
– Aruba
– eSwatini
– Netherlands
– Liberia
– Morocco
– Uruguay

apply leave for euro cup

6. Euro cup 2020

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2020 or simply Euro 2020, is scheduled to be the 16th UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organised by UEFA.

The tournament is scheduled to be held in 12 cities in 12 UEFA countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020. Portugal are the defending champions, having won the 2016 edition. For the first time, the video assistant referee (VAR) system will be used at the UEFA European Championship.

Former UEFA President Michel Platini said the tournament is being hosted in several nations as a “romantic” one-off event to celebrate the 60th “birthday” of the European Championship competition.

Having the largest capacity of any of the stadiums entered for the competition, Wembley Stadium in London will host the semi-finals and final for the second time, having done so before at the 1996 tournament in its former incarnation. The Stadio Olimpico in Rome will host the opening game, involving Turkey and hosts Italy.

bio tech 2020

7. Printable organ

Today, we are already at a turning point in our ability to 3D “bioprint” organ tissues, a process that involves depositing a “bio-ink” made of cells precisely in layers, resulting in a functional living human tissue for use in the lab. These tissues should be better predictors of drug function than animal models in many cases.

In the long-term, this has the potential to pave the way to “printing” human organs, such as kidneys, livers and hearts. By 2020, our goal is to have the technology be broadly used by pharmaceutical companies, resulting in the identification of safer and better drug candidates and fewer failures in clinical trials. Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo

easywork data

8. Data driven Health care

The amount of data available in the world is growing exponentially, and analyzing large data sets (so-called big data) is becoming key for market analysis and competition. Analytics will dramatically shift away from reporting and towards predictive and prescriptive practices, dramatically improving the ability of healthcare providers to help the ill and injured. Even more importantly, it will create the possibility for truly personalized healthcare by allowing providers to impact the biggest determinants of health, including behaviours, genetics and environmental factors. John L Haughom, MD, senior advisor, Health Catalyst

humanize internet

9. The humanized internet

The evolution of modern connectivity is often summarized as: the internet – the world wide web – mobile devices – big data/the cloud – the internet of things. For the next stage, it seems inevitable that even more personalization will be an important component. What we refer to as the internet of things will be central. However, more than simply connecting humans with devices, the next stage in connectivity will include “humanized” interfaces that constantly evolve to understand the user’s patterns and needs and, in a sense, self-optimize.

This would include the functions and features on our devices, as well as the selection/curation of information we receive. It may not be the kind of artificial intelligence found in science fiction, but I expect this injection of personalization will bring monumental changes as our level of connectivity continues to grow. Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of Kakao

10. Internet of things is no longer a thing

Just about every business will become an internet of things (IoT) business. The convergence of the digital and physical worlds makes this inevitable. Dynamic and ever-improving value can be delivered to customers throughout the product’s life cycle. This will become the norm. Therefore, launching a successful IoT business requires a fundamental shift, a transition from product-centric to service-centric business models. Companies looking to capitalize on IoT will become IoT service businesses.

Operations dependent on one-time product sales will become obsolete as business value moves from products to the experiences they enable. This transformation will fundamentally change how businesses operate, interact with customers and make money. Those who recognize that the internet of things isn’t about things but about service will be positioned to meet these new customer demands, unlock new sources of revenue and thrive in this connected world. Jahangir Mohammed, CEO of Jasper Technologies, Inc.

Indeed, with IoT enabled devices in mind, 5G is meant to connect more devices at higher speeds and make things like lag nearly non-existent, giving way to a seamless user experience.

Lastly, let’s get ready for the future & summarize all of the above information before we step into the year of 2020.

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