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9 Reasons Why EasyWork Should be Your Go-to Business HR System

Why EasyWork Should be Your Go-to Business HR System

EasyWork HR software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing an organization’s everyday human resource duties and overall HR goals. The HR software enables managers and employees to better allocate their time and resources to more productive and rewarding endeavours.

Employers will be able to streamline office operations, enhance productivity and efficiency by using the EasyWork app.

Moreover, the EasyWork HR system can be adopted to assist employees in developing new skills and progressing in their careers, tracking their performance, scheduling staff for work, noting any workplace difficulties and issuing rewards, among other benefits.

Aside from these applications, the EasyWork HR software has a host of valuable features for both employers and employees.

1. Approval Forms

With this feature, employees can say good-bye to the old-fashioned method of obtaining permission from managers or supervisors manually using physical forms.

With EasyWork, employees can use the various types of online forms provided in the app to satisfy all the office administrative demands, such as leave application forms, item request forms, and claim forms.

For example, instead of submitting every document physically and manually, if an employee wants to claim from HR (mileage, travel allowance, etc) at the end of the month, he or she can simply submit the claim form online and snap images of the receipts (petrol receipts, hotel receipts, etc).

On the same screen, employers can see a comprehensive list of all the pending, approved, denied, or cancelled approvals. Managers will be alerted whenever a new application is received.

Employees will be able to verify the progress of their applications by checking the application timeline.

2. Attendance

Employers can manage staff attendance straight from their smartphones using this feature. Managers will also have access to reporting tools, which will allow them to track the employee’s attendance performance.

The EasyWork Attendance page will provide critical information such as the time, date, and location.

Employees will also be able to include comments if necessary. The attendance in-app report summarizes attendance performance for both employees and managers. Employees can also clock in and out with a simple tap on their mobile device.

The countdown clock function maintains track of the time spent by users. This is excellent for employees who are frequently working outside of the workplace.

3. Leave

Employees can use the EasyWork leave function to apply for leaves by filling out a specific form. Managers or supervisors will be notified promptly of the pending request, and actions can be taken immediately. Users will have access to several types of leave, as well as configurable settings and leave balances.

There are other possibilities for configuring leaves to match your company’s needs. The EasyWork leave summary tool informs admins about the company’s leave activity.

To gain a better knowledge of employees and their leave usage behaviour, the report can be switched to a high-level or drill-down version.

4. Polls

The EasyWork Poll function can be used in a variety of ways, both formal and informal. Users can ask questions ranging from the informal “Best Lunch Spot in the Area” to the more serious “Best Employee in January 2022.” Employers and employees can use the EasyWork Poll tool to get the results they want.

Users can examine Polls generated by coworkers with the same company profile. Users will have a variety of alternatives to help them reach their objectives.

Multiple details or alternatives can be added to polls by the manager or HR. They can change the poll’s result visibility or answer type to give voters more options.

5. Resource Booking

Take complete control of your company’s resources by knowing who and when each resource is booked or available for bookings.

Employees can book resources that have been added to EasyWork. Everything is possible, from conference rooms to a projector. This is especially useful if your company has several locations and resources that are shared.

Simply specify the origin of the places to guarantee that the correct booking is made. The calendar feature allows you to readily view resource availability without having to worry about multiple bookings.

6. Reward

The reward feature is a powerful tool that allows you to reward your staff for their contributions to your company, thereby boosting motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Employees who receive recognition and rewards are more likely to work hard and perform to their full capacity.

The reward function displays the points a user has to reward to their colleagues as well as the points they currently have available to redeem for rewards.

A sample of the company’s product catalogue is shown to highlight newly added products. Reward recipients, comments, and points will be displayed on the feed.

Receiving rewards is a pleasant experience, but so is giving rewards to others. EasyWork Reward allows you to give your peer points in exchange for comments.

7. Boost Team Collaboration

Building a feeling of togetherness and allowing teams to create strong connections in an online environment could be critical to long-term employee satisfaction and retention.

EasyWork’s platform facilitates successful team collaboration. It not only improves team efficiency but also helps to support your company culture in a primarily digital workplace.

8. Cloud-Based Storage

Every record, including employee applications, claims, and other data, is stored on the cloud. As a result, regardless of the size of your company, you can access crucial data from wherever you are.

Because everything is in one place, it is more efficient and can be referred to at any point in the future — nothing is lost. Furthermore, with all of your information in one location, supervisors will be able to resort to it for a more complete study of each employee.

9. Employee Motivation

Employers can use the point system function to reward their employees. This encourages employees to work harder by rewarding those who take the initiative. To express gratitude, employers can simply assign points to employees who have accomplished a task.

The points gained can be redeemed for reward items from the human resource department. The reward system will motivate employees to work more to get additional compensation, resulting in increased workplace productivity.

In a Nutshell

If your operations are still done manually via a combination of manual and electronic methods, performing a thorough revamp of current HR systems can be a beneficial decision.

You will also save labour hours if you switch to a system that links all major HR tasks and makes them available from a single location.

As more and more companies in Malaysia have digitalized their operations, it is worthwhile to invest some time and money in switching to a more simplified and effective approach, such as the EasyWork HR software.


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