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Remote Working Challenges That Every Business Faces

With millions of employees now being asked to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are faced with a great challenge.

The comfort of homes is now the new office workspaces. Technologies play a huge role for companies to collaborate and manage employees who are working remotely.

This shift of remote working is widely known to be the greatest work from a home experiment.

With that being said, with the benefits that remote work offers, there are also challenges that companies have begun to face with a remote working workforce. 


1. Remote Isolation

With more remote working being implemented in companies, employees are having to do without physical social interaction with colleagues as they use to. Some might find themselves in solitary and feeling lonely without the norm of socializing in the office as they’re used to.  

Companies have the responsibility to create awareness that educates their employees, especially those who are feeling isolated as physical isolation does not mean social isolation. They’re many ways a company can bring such awareness either by using their internal communication software, emails, or whiteboards. When companies are able to encourage their employees to engage with their social offerings, the faster they’re able to mimic the buzz of an office but in a virtual space. 

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2. Keeping High Productivity

For many years, business leaders have fixated their minds that hours worked equals productivity. In fact, research has proven otherwise, many have found that employee engagement and satisfaction are more effective to ramp up performance. 

Leaders will have to revise their approach when motivating their employees as remote working also has huge changes in their lives. It will definitely take time for employees to adjust to the new norm of working-from-home. By carefully planning and introducing changes will ease the transition and will reduce time and money lost to inefficiency. 

Technology is usually the key to a smooth transition but some might find it difficult. Having virtual training to help struggling employees to adapt to new technologies is crucial to maintaining a high-performance workforce. 

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3. Maintaining High Morale

Morale should be the key focused area during hard times. With remote working being implemented, employees may suffer from engagement loss as they feel as if they’re being removed from the bigger picture. 

To combat this, companies should create or introduce stimuli that are rich in positive engagements. It is important for companies to find a balance between pushing employees to the limit and a softer tone of rewards and benefits. It is crucial for companies to fuel positive culture and motivation to support the morale levels of their workforce.

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With the solutions that EasyWork can provide, companies can now socialize with their employees, keeping morale and productivity at an optimum level. 

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