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Remote Working Time Management Hacks

The remote working trend is on the rise as many companies are now looking to keep operations going while the world rides through this pandemic. This serves as an opportunity for companies and employees to excel in their time management to boost productivity.

This article will be touching on a few points that will help employees achieve maximum productivity without being distracted while working remotely.


1. Start with a to-do-list

This recommendation, in fact, applies to all employees working either from home or in the office. A properly plan to-do-list will set the tone of your entire day. Try starting by cultivating the habit of preparing a manageable list the day before and have the discipline to follow through with it on the following day. Be sure to properly assess the estimated time needed for each task to prevent overloading yourself. When the task is completed just check the items off from your list and move on to the next.


2. Do not multitask

You may think that by being able to multitask, you’re saving time. But in fact, that’s not how it works. Our brain will require some length of time to refocus whenever you switch task. This actually causes you to be less productive in the long-run. The right thing to do is to finish one task at a time, this will allow your mind to focus 100% on the current task. Refrain yourself for trying to do everything all at once.


3. Personal tasks come later

This may seem a little harsh but by mixing your work and personal task, you’re actually creating more damage for yourself. The more time working on a personal task, the shorter your working hours are – this will lead to a backlog of tasks which you’re unable to finish which defeats the purpose of remote working.


4. Avoid web surfing

It is understandable that most job now a day requires us to be on the internet. It is even more inevitable when you’re working from home as everything that you need for your work is online. The internet is a wonderful invention, but sometimes it will be like a void that sucks you in and before you know it hours have gone by. This can be avoided if you remain disciplined and cultivate a habit of not checking your social media or your phones during working hours.


5. Identify productive hours

Let’s face it, we are all humans and we can’t be at our best around the clock. It is important that you identify if you’re a morning, afternoon or evening person. Once you have identified your productive hours, you can now focus more challenging task in your to-do-list. As those will require more focus and energy, your productive timings will definitely give you a boost.



Every individual is different and as an employee of a company, we must be responsible for making the right decision that will improve our productivity while working remotely. So, try these few hacks to make yourself more productive.

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