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Streamlining HR Processes and Claims

he challenge of modernising and simplifying a company's HR processes, especially in the areas of attendance tracking and claim management.


 ABS Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

In the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ABS Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd is a thriving enterprise specialising in engineering and trading solutions. Nicole, the diligent HR manager at ABS Engineering & Trading, was faced with the challenge of modernising and simplifying her company’s HR processes, especially in the areas of attendance tracking and claim management. Enter EasyWork, the innovative HR software that has revolutionised the way Nicole and her team operate.

How EasyWork is Appealing to ABS Engineering & Trading 

Attendance Geofencing: Simplifying Office Attendance

One of Nicole’s primary concerns was monitoring the attendance of employees who worked from the office. The traditional manual attendance system was cumbersome and prone to errors. Employees sometimes forgot to clock in or out, leading to discrepancies in payroll and attendance records.

EasyWork’s Attendance Geofencing feature came to the rescue when we announce it. Nicole was delighted to discover that this feature allowed her to set specific rules for individual employees. For those who needed to be in the office, the geofencing feature ensured that they could only clock in and out within the defined office boundaries. We are excited for Nicole to try it within her company soon.

Nicole appreciated the flexibility of the system that can be set from the admin side. Employees who were not subject to the geofencing rules, such as those with remote work arrangements, could still clock in and out from other locations, just as they did before. This flexibility ensured that the system did not inconvenience employees who didn’t need to adhere to office attendance rules.

EasyWork’s Claim Feature: Going Digital with Claims Management

Nicole’s next challenge was dealing with the mountain of claims from the company’s sales team. Salespersons were submitting thick, paper-based claim reports that resembled books. It was evident that this manual process was both time-consuming and prone to errors.

Nicole is interested to explore EasyWork’s Claim feature, which offered a comprehensive solution to digitise and streamline the entire claims management process. With this feature, employees could submit their claims digitally, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork.

The claim feature allowed employees to enter all the necessary details, attach receipts, and submit claims directly from their mobile devices or desktops. This digital approach solution would potential made it easier for Nicole and her team to review and approve claims, significantly reducing the processing time once they decided to use the feature.

Furthermore, Nicole are interested to try this feature as her employees could log in from anywhere and can ensure that claims could be submitted and processed efficiently, whether in the office or on the go.

Conclusion: Empowering Digital Transformation

By adopting EasyWork, ABS Engineering & Trading has not only improved attendance tracking. The possibility that they might also adopt the claim management feature and geofencing will foster a more efficient and productive work environment. EasyWork’s commitment to simplifying HR operations aligns perfectly with the company’s goal of staying ahead in the competitive Malaysian market.


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