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Things To Prepare Before The Holidays

We’re well into the month of December and this only means one thing – the holiday season is here! It is understandable that all of us are excited and looking to this break from work, but here are somethings we should practice before taking the long break off.


1. Check Your Calendar

It is essential to plan your time correctly to avoid having an uneasy ming during your vacation. A well-planned schedule also means that you will not get the pressure and stress that comes with catching up work once you’re back.

With that said, finish what is needed and plan your work well before you go on your holiday to ensure a peaceful and fun holiday.


2. Setup a Customize Autoreply

It is always a good practice to let your clients know if you’re away from work. You wouldn’t want them thinking that you are ignoring them, don’t you? Imagine returning from a good holiday and only to face angry clients.

Having a well customize autoreply email will save you the headache and your clients will be at ease upon your return.


3. Discuss with Your Colleagues

You should always let colleagues know when will you be taking your leave for your holiday. By doing so, your colleagues will that need something from you will know that you’re on holiday and will not bother you.

Trust me; you wouldn’t want your colleagues to be bugging you while you’re on holiday. So inform them in advance.


4. Make a Checklist

This checklist is more of a vacation checklist. Have a list that you would like to do during your holiday, be it a relaxing one or to do things which improve your skills – write it down in your checklist.

Having a checklist is great, but do not stress yourself if you can’t check them all. Achieve what you can and don’t stress yourself out.


5. Empower Your Team

If you are in charge of a team, this is the perfect time to practice letting go and trust your team. By being able to trust your team with key responsibilities, not only they will feel empowered to achieve the goals but you as their leader will be able to have a peace of mind during your holidays.



To have peace of mind during your holiday, it is best to practice a good and healthy pre-planning while you’re still at work. It is the responsible thing to do and you will not come back to work with mountains of complaints. There are many tools out there which enables good team coordinations and one such tool is EasyWork. Check out what EasyWork has to offer.

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