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Tips For Improving Employee Motivation During a Pandemic

In this time of a global pandemic, everyone’s priority is put towards about their safety as well as the safety of their loved ones. Therefore, single mindedly focusing on one task is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone, including your employees.

Even working from home has its challenges, combined with other issues that can demoralize your employees. Staff morale can affect your company’s success. In such a time as this, it is vital to keep your staff energized and motivated.

“So, how do you improve employee motivation amidst a pandemic?”

1. Build a Stronger Communication System with Your Employees

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Maintaining an effective communication system with your employees is vital during this work-from-home period. As an employer, it is your job to lead your employees out of their concerns and get them to focus on more meaningful activities.

Since most of your employees are now working from home, you need to reach out to them to help boost their motivation and help them concentrate on work-related tasks.

A practical way you can build a robust communication system with your employees is to begin your day with a quick virtual meeting with all team members. It will help you and your employees stay on track on the project at hand.

2. Cheer Your Employees Up with Instant Appreciation

EasyWork reward system

Now more than ever, acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of your employees. Unlike the office setting where you can approach an employee and say a word of appreciation, that isn’t very feasible today.

So, what’s the best way to go about this?

Your options include calling, texting, or emailing your appreciation and encouragement. There is also a cloud-based employee and recognition system, such as the point reward system of EasyWork app, an HR system from Malaysia that ensures you don’t miss a moment and recognize your employees immediately.

You can further make it enjoyable by increasing your appreciation efforts with meaningful rewards for completing a task and providing an outstanding employee experience. To make rewarding your employees more effectively

3. Loosen Up and Ensure Flexibility

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As your employees work from home, they might also get themselves engaged in household chores; and you should understand.

Give your employees the flexibility to do some activities that aren’t work-related. It will help them to get back to work with a free mind.

Hence, you must take appropriate measures to ensure flexibility, which will, in turn, motivate your employees and strengthen their loyalty to the organization.

4. Create a Virtual Community with All Your Employees

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Working from home for an extended period, especially during this time, can cause mental stress. This condition usually arises when your employees can no longer experience the usual office culture.

During regular work hours, pre-pandemic, your employees may occasionally get the chance to meet with colleagues and get involved in casual conversations, which creates a lively atmosphere. However, now that they’re separated, it creates a mental setback.

A practical solution to this issue would be to create a virtual community among your employees, where everyone can connect and share. Remember to keep this platform informal so that your employees can discuss and share like they usually do. For example, the poll function of EasyWork app, an HR system from Malaysia allows employees to participate in voting virtually.

Voting doesn’t have to be boring. For example, create a poll and allow your employees to vote for their favourite annual dinner prize, the venue to celebrate the upcoming company anniversary and more.

5. Organize Online Team Building Activities

organize online team building activity

Like you would do in the workplace, you can as well organize team building activities for your employees. Team building activities are vital to every employee engagement program.

Activities of this nature are aimed at bringing your employees together to work as a team and display their unity.

Although organizing such activities are more comfortable when everyone is physically present, there are online activities your employees can engage themselves with — to promote unity, collaboration, and fun.

The Bottom Line

As an employer, thinking about helping your business survive without the cooperation of your employees would be a farce. Therefore, it’s a great idea to actively look for ways to keep your employees satisfied and motivated wherever they are.

Make use of smart online tools such as EasyWork, an HR system from Malaysia to motivate your employees and let them stay connected. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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