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8 Tips to Hire and Recruit Generation Z Candidates

8 tips to hire and recruit generation z candidates

Generation Z candidates are increasingly recruited into the workforce such that in the near future they are going to make up a large percentage of the global workforce. Born between 1997 and 2012, they are a new crop of talent that is finishing school and launching their career.

Just as the generations that precede it, they are unique and require adjustments to recruitment strategies to be able to accommodate them into the workforce. In this post, we are pleased to provide you with tips on how you can adjust your recruitment strategies to hire and recruit Generation Z candidates.

1. Make Career Growth Available

Generation Z workers are conscious of a defined career, job security, and career growth. If a Generation Z works for a year in your company without any sign of improvement, they are likely to look for an alternative. Ensure that you can help them achieve career growth before recruiting.

2. Tech Inclined

To be successful today in the business world, one has to be tech-savvy. This does not necessarily involve been a tech geek. Being born into a digital world, Generation Z is adept at handling technological devices since their infancy and can adapt to new standards.

Having them amongst your workforce is a great way of integrating a modern workforce into your business. Before hiring Generation Z candidates make sure that the technology in place is up to date. It turns a Generation Z worker to find out that they will be using outdated software to work.

For example, HR apps such as EasyWork offers features such as online attendance that allows employees to clock in and clock out digitally.

3. Acknowledge Their Independence

Gen Z is an independent generation. Most of the things that they know are self-thought. From learning DIY projects from online tutorial videos to searching answers to questions on Google, they have the tendency to become independent.

Due to the sense of independence cultivated, Gen Z will be looking for an employer that will offer them flexible work schedules, or the potential to work remotely. More so, they will be searching for organizations where they will be allowed to voice their opinions and easily gain upward mobility.

4. Know What Their Ambitions Are

The career goals of Generation Z applicants are likely to be different from that of millennials and other generations.

You should not fall into the trap of assuming that their career aim is similar to that of other generations in your talent pool. Some might be looking for working experience before they start up their own business.

Understand their ambitions so that you will be able to know if there is any position available to help them. Ask them the skill they want to acquire and give them a realistic view of how to achieve them.

5. Show Them How They Can Add Value

Generation Z has the knack to do things according to their way regardless of any laid down standard. Entry-level jobs do not require prior experience and this does not negate the need to adhere to established protocols.

Let them understand the roles that your company is offering and how they can achieve their ambitions through them. Additionally, considering that members of this generation are in the habit of throwing the rulebook out of the window, make them understand what is required of them to add value to the business organization.

6. Use HR Software

For recruiting Generation Z workers, an HR app or HR software can be used. This saves managers and recruiters time and it is efficient to enable them to recruit top candidates that will add value to the company.

For instance, with the use of HR software such as EasyWork and its powerful hiring feature, companies are able to get in touch with the top candidates with just a few taps on the mobile devices and have preset packages to which it can be combined during the time of need within minutes. As for the candidates, they can receive job offers via email and with the option to accept or decline the offer digitally.

7. Check Their Personality

It takes more than a salary to get a Generation Z worker to work effectively and efficiently for you. Many Generation Z applicants are looking for roles that align with their personality and career growth goals. Check if the role available aligns with their personality before recruiting.

8. Communicate Your Brand Value

Generation Z applicants care what a brand stands for. They care to know if they have questionable practices, a good communication system, or ethical issues.

They want to work for a purpose-driven company. Ensure that you communicate your company’s values and goals to them during the recruitment process.

Final Take

There you have it! Generation Z workers are making a huge wave in today’s workforce. With these recruitment techniques, you stand a great chance of recruiting the best Generation Z candidates to work for you and have a powerful specialist team!


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