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Top 5 psychological tricks to influence consumer behavior

marketing psychology

Do you understand that marketing psychology would influence consumer behavior?

Actually, marketing is about people, while people are all about psychology. Therefore, it can be said that marketing consists merely of psychological theories and principles. Both psychology and marketing seek to understand people’s needs, wants, choices and behaviors. There is a strong relationship between marketing psychology and consumer behavior.

target your customers

As a smart, skillful or honest marketer, you should use psychology legally, ethically, respectfully to attract and engage your consumers and compel them to buy your products or services. Let’s delve deep into the psychological tricks that influence the behavior of consumers.

Customer First

1.Understand That Being Important Is Important

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, there are five main terms that form the pattern that human motivations generally move through:

Maslow's hierarachy of needs

All of us need to feel valued. The ESTEEM which falls in the theory well explained that typical human desire for acceptance and appreciation by others. The simplest way to make your customers feel important and appreciated is to pay attention to everybody you interact with, regardless of how “significant” communication may be. Tell them they’re valued and irreplaceable. For instance, you may give them a genuine compliment or a small gift by giving them a promo code or discount, and remember to always say thank you. Putting your customer’s ego with a little bit of effort can go a long way in how they feel about your company.

repeat wording

2. Availability Cascade: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

As all propagandists said: REPEAT something long enough, and it will become true. Here is a tip for you: When other individuals constantly reference your website, brand, or product, individuals are more likely to think about it. The more you produce social buzz, the better.

color psychology

3. Colour psychology

COLOUR has a huge effect on our moods and feelings. They have a deep capacity to influence our perceptions. We connect whimsy to certain colors, trust others and sensuality to others. Be conscious of your use of color, depending on what you sell. Sending a coherent message on all fronts is essential. First appeal to the subconscious mind and later logic.

a picture is worth a thousand word

4. A picture is worth a thousand words

Our brain can process PICTURE much quicker than the written term can be understood. Long before Harry Potter, in order to survive, individuals required the capacity to rapidly evaluate the land lay. Play this one. We live in a globe of visuals. Spend some time thinking about using your graphics. People will form a visual appearance-based immediate impression.

the power of yes

5. The power of “ YES”

YES is a very strong and powerful word. It’s the green light that brings you to the gate. It’s a time-honored marketing strategy to get individuals to say yes to little stuff before going to win. It creates a sense of connection and agreeability. This is as popular today as ever. Many businesses use social media in this way: warm an audience up with social ads, get them to take a small action (watch a video or sign up for an email list).


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