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Top 10 tips for Office Valentine

valentine day in office

February is a month of LOVE. Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated on February 14th. Are you still single on this Valentine’s Day and wondering how to say goodbye to single life? Do you have a crush on your colleague? Here are some useful tips to get your office romance started this valentines.

1. Build your image in the company (Keep a good appearance and always be neatly dressed)

Your appearance and dressing is the most simple step to do and does not require much elaboration. If you do not have any clue in dressing, ask your friends for advice and learn how to dress up to maximize your charm.

2. Be a netizen and never be a colleague

Chat with her after work through social apps. Send her something funny such as jokes or memes that can make her laugh. It is more effective than chatting with her during office hours. Talking to her through social apps can make things become intimate.

3. Study Susan Miller (Horoscope)

Which topic do girls like to talk about a lot? The answer is Constellations. Do some research about Susan Miller — and ask your colleague about her favourite horoscope. If she happens to like your sign then spin the discussion in your favor.
But, if she happens to choose a sign different from yours, you can also turn it into your favor, since the horoscopes also predict two different signs as a right matching partner.

4. Be aggressive

Except you like to focus more on online chatting, but you can always try to talk more offline — and be ‘gently assertive’ in real life. Since you will often meet her at the workplace, it means you have more chances to communicate with each other. This is an advantage as it can help you two develop better relationships.

5. Show your ability to work

Show your outstanding performance in the company or with your team, and your attraction will be much stronger than those who only chat with her. Enhance your abilities at work; being more active and productive at work is the most lethal weapon to attract her.

6. Turn her challenges to your advantage

Be kind and ‘gently aggressive’ in approaching her. If she is facing difficulties in her job, do not hesitate to help her. Solve her problem while showing your problem-solving ability. You are going to capture her heart.

7. Be kind and gentle to girls

More than your appearance, being gentle and kind to other female colleagues will win you the heart of that special one. A gentleman who gets along with a woman will naturally win the woman’s heart. Without any ulterior motive, be a pure gentleman.

8. Remember to be flexible

There are many ways we can actively interact with colleagues. For example, create some opportunities like go back home together and give her a ride. Create some private space for you two. Of course, sometimes you can work overtime together or have lunch.

9. Step by Step

Feelings don’t always happen overnight, so you should be patient enough, give each other time. It is important to be restrained sometimes. It is okay to be reactive and not always proactive. Allow her to make the first move.

10. Confession

Last but not least, take this step bravely. Tell her how you feel — at the same time, don’t be afraid to get rejected. The most important thing is to make that confession. Just like Barbara De Angelis said: “ You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.”

What are you still waiting for? Follow all the tips above to go get your true LOVE.

EasyWork wishes everyone a Happy, Memorable and Romantic Valentine’s Day!


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