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Company Communications

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We Understand The Importance of Company Communications

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To have a well synchronized company environment, you need to have a good communication system in place. Updating your employees in a timely manner creates a positive impact on awareness which will boost other important aspects in a company.
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4 Easy Ways to Share Information

EasyWork provides you with four simple tools that will streamline your communication channels with your employees. From general announcements to engaging feedback, you will find these tools simple to use.
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Use announcements to blast important messages to all your employees. You can also attach banners to beautify your messages. Employees will receive an instant notification whenever a new announcement is published.
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EasyWork provides the option for you to upload any important document such as Company Benefits, Company Policy and others. Employees will be able to view these documents anytime, anywhere.
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Communication means engaging with employees. EasyWork Poll allows you to create a topic which employees can later cast a vote on. Usage examples like finding out how everyone’s day is or getting an initial headcount for the upcoming annual dinner.


Get feedback from your employees on any issues, be it improvements feedback or anonymous feedback. Employees will be able to communicate with the company management regarding any issues.

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Create and share important announcements company wide. Employees will receive an instant notification to notify them about new announcements.
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Upload important documents that employees need to know. Documents such as Company Benefits, Policy, etc. Employees will be able to access these documents using this feature.
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Create polls to engage with your employees. As an employer, you can get feedback from your employees using Polls. Employees will be able to vote with the options given, in a way communicating their suggestion to you.
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wishlist anonymous feedback


A way for employees to communicate their feedback to admins without the hassle of emails. Employees can submit their feedback easily through the app, and if they wish to stay anonymous, they can!

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