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EasyWork Basic for Emerging Companies

How EasyWork Helps Emerging Companies?

As companies grow, headcounts and resources increase as well. EasyWork has the perfect all-in-one solution that will ease your company’s management.

This list here shows are some of the features that are helpful which will ease the management task of the company and keep everything in order.

Suggested Team Size
1-10 Employees

Trusted by Companies

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Keeping track and monitor employees working time to ensure operations are smooth.


Everyone will need a break, use this feature to allow employees to apply for their leaves.


Create fun and engaging topic which employees can cast their votes. This will allow employees to feel included.


Keep the company’s environment fun and motivate. Use this feature to recognise and reward employees contributions.


Keep track and manage the claims from employees with this feature. Ensure nothing is left behind.


This feature will simplify the process of recording down the distance travelled by your sales or logistic representative.

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