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EasyWork PRO for Established Companies

How EasyWork Helps Established Companies?

Looking for a solution that is able to manage your established company? Look no further! EasyWork has all the employee management tools you need under one single app.

We’ve compiled a list of core features that every company should have to manage their employees. As these features are all offered in EasyWork, you will find yourself with a cohesive environment.

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Keeping track and monitor employees working time to ensure operations are smooth.


Create fun and engaging topic which employees can cast their votes. This will allow employees to feel included.


Keep the company’s environment fun and motivate. Use this feature to recognise and reward employees contributions.


Keep track and manage the claims from employees with this feature. Ensure nothing is left behind.


This feature will simplify the process of recording down the distance travelled by your sales or logistic representative.

Leave PRO

Allocation of leave and special entitlements that allows your employees to take a break from work.

Hiring PRO

Simply the hiring process of your candidates. Use this feature to send out an offer letter easily without wasting time.

Resource Booking PRO

Manage your company resources seamlessly whit this feature. Know who, when and what is being used at all times.

Quest PRO

Tracking your teams KPI within the same app. Once achieved, reward them with points via EasyWork Reward.

Shift Management PRO

Create different working shift and schedule for your team members. Flexible functions which make arrangements easy.

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