When you first open the app, you will be asked to register an account.

If you are a first timer, you will be given the option to register a company after “Account Registration”.
If you already have a company profile and wish to create another, view this guide.

EasyWork is a Company & HR system mobile app that can help SME and Entrepreneur to boost their office work efficiency and help them to save cost. How to start a company with EasyWork? Invite your colleagues / employees to join your company on EasyWork. More colleagues more fun and progressive. Let’s start to invite.

Here you have a link for step by step guide on “Colleagues Invitation Guide”.

Launch the app > tap on your sidebar (on the top left) > tap on “Company” > tap on “Employees” >. Add employees or team members by tapping on the “+” sign at the top right. View this guide for a visual guide.

“Approval” consists of forms that are related to your day-to-day operation.
“Job” consists of forms that are related to hiring or manpower transfer.
“Feedback” consists of forms that are related to providing feedback to your employer.
Tap on any form that you wish to submit > fill in the details > select your “Approver” and “CC” to notify others (if any) > tap on submit.
Your “Approver” will be notified and your application is now pending for their action.
View visual guide here.

Tap on the “Notification” icon on the top right corner of your screen. Tap on any pending request and the app will bring you to the appropriate location.

Yes. It is located at “User Access Group”.
Launch the app > tap on your sidebar (on the top left) > tap on “Company” > tap on “User Access Group” > the option to create new group or edit the existing ones is located here. View this guide for a visual guide.

Rewards Feature on EasyWork allows you to reward your employees/team members with points as a recognition.
Value of the each point is self determined by your company.
Rewards feature allows you to allocate recurring points to your employees/team members to reward their peers.
Click on this guide to learn how to Set, Give and Spend reward points.

For now, you are your own merchants. You may upload items to your catalog for employees/team members to redeem when they have sufficient points.
Click on this guide to learn how to setup your internal company catalog.
External Merchants will be available soon, stay tuned!

The polls you create are only visible to the people who are in your company profile.
Here is a guide on how to create your polls.

Yes, your location will be captured once you “Clock in” and once you “Clock out”. This is done so your company profile admins can see if employees are at the correct place. Here is the link about clock in and clock out attendance.

Mileage tracking helps you to take the record on every of your trip in order for you to do mileage claim from your company. Every detail will be recorded once you press START DRIVING. Therefore, you can make your financial claim easily.
Here is the link about how Mileage Tracking works in Easywork.

Here is the link about how to make office announcement in Easywork.

Admin / HR of the company can export the company’s reports through CSV format in Excel file monthly for reporting purposes.
Here is the link of a step by step guide on “How to export company reports” with EasyWork.

Through Easywork, you can add all your employees in the company you created, then add all the departments and also select the head of department (HOD).
Here you have the link of step by step guideline on “How to Add Departments”