EasyWork Attendance

This feature lets you take record of employee attendance with just a tap of your finger. EasyWork Attendance is simple and convenient to use, no external devices like Card or Biometric Scanners are required. Everything is done on your smartphones. Moreover, it also comes with a reporting tool that lets admins check on employees attendance records.


Clock In Screen:

  • Clean design dedicated to users for Clock In/Out function.
  • EasyWork Attendance screen only shows relevant information, such as Time, Date and Location.
  • A timeline is provided to show users the time they clock in and out.
  • Users can also include reasons why they clock in beyond office vicinity.

Attendance Report Screen:

  • EasyWork Attendance Report lets admins see employee arrival and departure trends.
  • Users can also view their own trend by simply navigating to this interface.
  • Date filters are included to provide easy search record purposes.
  • Admins can view abnormalities in the Attendance Report Summary.

EasyWork Approval

With this powerful feature, you can say goodbye to the traditional way of seeking approval from your superiors. Expect to make full use of various types of forms that give you the power to fulfill all your office administrative needs. From Leave Application to even Item Request Forms, EasyWork has got you covered.


Approval Forms:

  • Various types of forms made available to suit every need.
  • Users can easily navigate through these forms based on categories.
  • Simple and easy to understand form layout that saves application time.
  • Tracking and Managing form application on the same screen.
Approval Flow Diagram

EasyWork Claim

EasyWork provides you with a simple solution to your employees’ financial claims. The process is made simple — with just a few taps on your smartphone, an application is submitted. Users can also upload attachments as a proof of payment to ease the job of admin approval.


Financial Claim Forms:

  • Claim feature lets employee choose Financial or Over Time (OT) claim form.
  • Both forms are simple to use and take only few seconds to complete.
  • Employees can upload relevant documents as attachments.
  • Admin can download these attachments for documentation purposes.
Claim Approval Flow Diagram

EasyWork Job Forms

EasyWork Job Forms focus mainly on manpower. If you wish to request for more manpower, change job position or resign, you can find all these forms under ‘Jobs’. Employees may use these forms according to their needs.


Jobs Forms:

  • Department Transfer, Recruitment, Resignation and Confirmation are made available to users.
  • These forms are built with simplicity in mind.
  • Approver(s) will receive instant notification once application is submitted.
  • Users can track their application status with the provided Management Tab.

Approval Screen:

  • Approvers can either Approve or Reject Applications.
  • A comment box is made available for approvers to add comments.
  • Form Management Tab is made available for users and admins to manage application forms.

EasyWork EasyReward

Powerful feature that lets you reward your employees for their effort in your company, boost motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. When employees receive recognition and rewards, they will strive to work hard and show more potential. Small reward, BIG Motivation!


Reward Home Screen:

  • All relevant information displayed on one interface.
  • Company product catalogue preview is displayed to showcase newly added products.
  • Reward live feed shows those who recently gave and received points.
  • All notifications regarding EasyWork can be seen on the top right Bell icon.

Giving Points Screen:

  • Show the points a user has that can be rewarded to their colleagues.
  • Simple design to ensure fast and easy transactions.
  • Recipients, Comments and Points will be reflected in EasyReward Home Feed.

Reward Catalog Screen:

  • Products and services will be displayed in this interface.
  • Once users have enough points to redeem items, this is the place to do it.
  • Admins have total control over the items and points that are required for redemption.

EasyWork Announcement

Now you can announce effectively and everyone will see it their smart devices. Say goodbye to whiteboard announcement software; simply send these messages on your smart devices.


Admin Announcement Posting:

  • A dedicated interface for Admins to create their messages.
  • Simple design to ensure fast and easy message content creation before sending.

Receiving Notifications:

  • Users will receive notifications on their devices instantly.
  • It will be displayed on their native display.
  • Opening the notification will lead to the launch of app with message full content.

EasyWork Poll

EasyWork Poll feature can work in many ways, formal or informal. Users can ask casual questions, such as “Best Lunch Location” to a more formal ones, such as “Top 10 Best Employees”. Employers and employees can use EasyWork Poll feature to achieve their desired results.


Polls Home Screen:

  • Users can view the Polls created by colleagues from the same company profile.
  • Top two answers will be displayed along the Poll question.
  • Users can also view upcoming Polls that have been scheduled by other users.
  • Different settings for users to pick how answers are revealed.

Creating Poll Screen:

  • Flexible options to ensure users can achieve their goals.
  • Various kinds of options can be implemented across new sets of Polls.
  • Users will have full control over how and when should answers be revealed.

EasyWork Calendars

EasyWork Calendars lets companies include their observed public holidays. This feature is created so every user can view their upcoming public holidays easily on their devices.


EasyWork Calendar Screen:

  • All observed public holidays are easily accessible.
  • Admins have the option to add public holidays to the calendar which will be reflected instantly.
  • Normal calendars feature is also available for users to keep track on the day and date.