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Approval System

Simplify your steps in getting approval.

Multiple Types of Forms Ready

With this powerful feature, you can say goodbye to the traditional way of seeking approval from your superiors. Expect to make full use of various types of forms that give you the power to fulfill all your office administrative needs. From Leave Application to even Item Request Forms, EasyWork has got you covered.

Digitalise Approval Process

Approval Forms

  • Various types of forms made available to suit every need. Users can easily navigate through these forms based on categories.

  • Tracking and Managing form application on the same screen.

  • Overview all the pending, approved, rejected or cancelled approval related to you.

Track Status

  • Approving applications has never been this simple. Admins or supervisors will receive notifications for every application that is submitted.

  • That way, no application will be left out and response time will also greatly improve.

  • Users will have the option to view the timeline, this will show the status of each application.

Various Types of Approval Forms Available

Staff Travel Declaration
Work from Home
General Approvals
Item Request
Business Trips

Customise Your Own Approval Forms!

Experience HR Made Easy today!

Start your journey with EasyWork and download the app for free now.
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