Easywork Attendance

This feature lets you take record of employee attendance with just a tap of your finger. EasyWork Attendance is simple and convenient to use, no external devices like Card or Biometric Scanners are required. Everything is done on your smartphones. Moreover, it also comes with a reporting tool that lets admins check on employees attendance records.


Clock In Screen:

  • Clean design dedicated to users for Clock In/Out function.
  • EasyWork Attendance screen only shows relevant information, such as Time, Date and Location.
  • A timeline is provided to show users the time they clock in and out.
  • Users can also include reasons why they clock in beyond office vicinity.

Attendance Report Screen:

  • EasyWork Attendance Report allows admins and employees to check on their arrival time, punctually and working hour trends.
  • Admins will also have an additional screen to view the company overall attendance behaviour in real time.
  • There is also a map view which allows admins and employees to view their check in/out location.
Attendance report