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EasyWork Attendance

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Manage and Monitor Employees’ Attendance Performance

This feature allows you to manage employees’ attendance directly from your smartphones. You will also get access to reporting tools that allows admins to measure the company’s attendance performance.
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Attendance is available in all EasyWork Plans.

Attendance is a standard feature and is available in Lite, Stand and Pro plans. Regardless of your subscription plan, your company will be able to enjoy the benefits that EasyWork Attendance brings.

Clock In and Out

EasyWork Attendance screen will show important information such as, Time, Date and Location. Employees will also have the option to include comments if needed. As a bonus, we also included the option for employees to record their temperature as a safeguard to COVID-19.
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Attendance Timeline

A timeline chart that showcases the employee’s attendance performance. You will also see useful metrics that indicate the employees attendance status.

Attendance Geofencing

EasyWork now supports Geofencing for attendances! Admins will now be able to set geofencing rules to specific employees or employee groupings (Branches, Departments, Countries, etc.) to desired location.

Clock In/Out on Behalf

In some industries, especially construction, the majority of the employees do not have the access to their phones during working hours. Now, with this new update, the managers can clock in and out for them.

Selfie Attendance

Now your employees can snap a selfie to clock in and out. This feature ensures employees’ transparency with their attendance at work. It also facilitates data visibility for admins to monitor employees in a single software.

In-app Attendance Report

The attendance in-app report provides both employees and admins a summary of the attendance performance. This report can be used to have a quick review of the employee’s individual performance on the move.

The NEW Attendance Report Pro

EasyWork’s new Attendance Report Pro gives admins a powerful report to analyze the company’s attendance performance. Get access to informative charts and metrics that will provide an in depth look into your company’s attendance performance.
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Elements In The Reports

With Attendance Report Pro, admins will get access to tools that will provide a greater view into the company’s attendance performance.
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Informative charts that represent employees’ attendance behaviour.
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Map view reports that will showcase employees’ location whenever they clock in and out.
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Various lists that will allow admins to filter through the attendance data for a better reporting experience.

EasyWork 101: A Beginner's Guide to Tracking Attendance

Onboard EasyWork’s Attendance Feature with this ultimate guide!

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