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Getting a real time of your clock in location & temperature.

Manage and Monitor Attendance Record

This feature lets you take record of employee attendance with just a tap of your finger. EasyWork Attendance is simple and convenient to use, no external devices like Card or Biometric Scanners are required.

Everything is done on your smartphones with an app. Moreover, it also comes with a reporting tool that lets admins check on employees attendance system records.

Two Solutions to keep track on Employees' Attendance

Attendance Report Pro

In EasyWork’s Attendance Report Pro, admins will have the option to view employees’ records from EasyWork Hub. With Attendance Report Pro, admins will have the tools to dive deeper into the company’s attendance performance.

In-app Attendance Report

Admins can easily get access to employees’ attendance records from the included in-app report. The report will showcase important metrics such as timestamp, location and many more. This can be viewed directly from your mobile devices.

About the Feature

Clock In and Out

  • Clean design dedicated to users for Clock In/Out function – attendance system.

  • EasyWork Attendance screen only shows relevant information, such as Time, Date and Location.

  • Employees can also include reasons why they clock in beyond office vicinity. Besides, employees can now record their body temperature during clock in and out.

Timeline of Clock In and Out

A timeline is provided to show users the time they clock in and out.

Attendance in Map View

Compare Map View

With Attendance Report Pro, admins will have a greater view of their employees’ attendance performance.

Attendance Report

Compare Report

With the pro report, admins will get access to more tools which will provide a greater deep-dive into the company’s attendance performance.

All New Attendance Report Pro

Admins can now have the tools to deep dive into the company’s attendance performance. The report comes included with important metrics and filters which admins can use to their advantage. From charts, maps, lists and more, admins can expect an improvement while managing the company’s attendance performance. 

Clock In with EasyWork Attendance

Watch a short video of how EasyWork Attendance works.

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