EasyWork Calendars & Event RSVP

EasyWork Calendars lets companies include their observed public holidays. This feature is created so every user can view their upcoming public holidays easily on their devices.


EasyWork Calendar Screen:

  • In EasyWork Calendar users will be able to see all observed public holidays on the calendar.
  • Admins have to option to also add additional holiday into the calendar with our provided functions.
  • Besides holidays, admins can also add upcoming events into the calendar which will be seen by all employees.

Calendar Event RSVP:

  • EasyWork Calendar feature support add event into the calendar function.
  • All employees within the company will be able to view these upcoming calendar and RSVP to it.
  • EasyWork also support event attendance check in/out which will help admins keep track of the participants.
Add Event
Event RSVP

Event Screen:

  • Admins can use EasyWork Events to create and take participant’s attendance on the day of the event day.
  • Unique QR code to check into the event.
  • Participant list is easily available for admin’s reference.