EasyWork EasyReward

Powerful feature that lets you reward your employees for their effort in your company, boost motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. When employees receive recognition and rewards, they will strive to work hard and show more potential. Small reward, BIG Motivation!


Reward Home Screen:

  • All relevant information displayed on one interface.
  • Company product catalogue preview is displayed to showcase newly added products.
  • Reward live feed shows those who recently gave and received points.
  • All notifications regarding EasyWork can be seen on the top right Bell icon.

Giving Points Screen:

  • Show the points a user has that can be rewarded to their colleagues.
  • Simple design to ensure fast and easy transactions.
  • Recipients, Comments and Points will be reflected in EasyReward Home Feed.

Reward Catalog Screen:

  • Products and services will be displayed in this interface.
  • Once users have enough points to redeem items, this is the place to do it.
  • Admins have total control over the items and points that are required for redemption.