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Combine pre-set templates for a quicker way of reaching out to candidates.

Customize and save your respective hiring templates with EasyWork Hiring. You can simply get in touch with your candidate by combining the relevant templates that have been precreated. This improves the process and makes things quicker.

Job Applications

You can review job applications directly from your smartphone. Get important information about your candidate before deciding on your options. The job application form will display critical information for reviews.

Talents / HRIS

Comment & Feedback

Interviewers can insert their comments of the candidate by commenting on the job application. You can also send an offer letter directly when the candidate checks all of the boxes.

Employment Letter

Employee Benefits

Create and save multiple employee benefit packages. This will speed up the offer letter process as you can immediately select the relevant packages that have been created prior to the interview.

Record and Track Your Candidates

EasyWork Hub allows you to track your candidates application progress. Candidate’s information will also be displayed, which makes it easier to get in touch.

Manage Jobs Opening & Progress

Manage and update your company job openings. By using EasyWork to manage your job opening and applications, you will have a highly synced hiring environment which will streamline the process.

Add Job Openings

Creating and posting job openings has never been this seamless. With EasyWork’s Job forms, you can instantly create a job opening just within a few minutes.


Job Postings

With your job openings created, you can now post it on your company’s website. Visitors or job prospects will be able to view what’s on offer and contact you immediately.

Job Page

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